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trouble with length gains


trouble with length gains

been on a routine for a month and done some pe about amonths worth before that and so faar no length gains just girth (3/8” 2 weeks into routine!!!!) and was wondering how long it takes to find length gains. I have read about people not getting gains till later but was wondering if it could be from the girth gains???? well one more question…when jelquing 50% erect should there be a lot of pressure in the part of the dick your jelquing towards or just enough to fill it like a hard erection and do the gains come from just the tugging on it rather than anything pressure related??? thanks.

JS -

Here’s the deal with jelqing -

The pressure build-up you feel is what increases the girth, the tension of the pull facilitates growth in length.

Now I am of the mind that when we want to make substantial gains in length and girth it’s imperative to go with a length routine first, then round out (hehe) with a girth routine after attaining length goals.

For an example - let’s say I was just interested in adding an inch for both dimensions. Well, jelqing could work out OK for that. But if I wanted two inches for length and one for girth, then I’d be advised to use a hanging or stretch routine exclusively. Then shift to a jelq or squeeze routine afterwards.

The principle being accounted for here is the concept that it is easier to cause a thinner penis to grow lengthwise than it is a thicker one. Much less volume to fill in, and also less resistance a thinner penis can produce against applied tension.

So you have to check your goals up against advisable routines. Jelqing is always good for a newbie as it stresses everything, but if it’s length you’re after at some point you should make some alterations.

For my personal experience, length has been much easier to gain than girth. But it’s not that way for everyone. There have been some guys who’s penises bloat up like New Year’s Day balloons but are quite resistant to length increases. Everyone’s different.

Btw, with a 50% erect jelq I can’t see how you’d be feeling any type of real pressure in your penis. Try 75% if you want pressure. At 50% it’s more of a stretch routine.


thanks a million, my goals are an inch in both directions so I will stick with the 50% jelqing and stretches in the shower. Just started 50% jelquing too so maybe I am in for some gains. Cant hang, no privacy. How long should I jelq at 50% for??? doing 10 minutes now.

- I would up the jelqing to 20mins if you aren’t hanging /stretching.

Am i right in saying guys, that when jelqing the top and bottom of the shaft this helps the girth, whereas jelqinq more intensely on the sides of the shaft focuses on length?

Any type of jelqing will help with length and girth gains no matter how you do it, as long as you are getting enough pressure with each jelq.

Liquid takes the shape of its container so when you jelq and force pressure into the rest of the penile shaft chambers it spreads out in ALL directions. This theoretically should produce equal gains in length and width. This is why jelqing is so important in length gains. If you are going for length this is what I would do…and what I did…

First week 200 jelqs to start at 65 percent erect. The ideal erect state for length gains is going to be the one where the chambers are still pliable. This means your resistance will be low in your circumference and force the blood to the end of the shaft where it will lengthen rather than get wider.

Second week on through the 6th week you should do 300 jelqs keeping your jelqing session lasting a Half hour. Do not measure your sessions with amt of jelqs but rather the amount of time you keep your penis in the “Jelqed” state. You must do these every day.

6th week on through the 12 my advice would be 45 minute jelq session.

12 and beyond I would try for an hour a day. Your penis is NOT a muscle so it will not “get used” to the exercises LIKE a muscle would. What your penis is doing is getting used to it being larger each time you fill it with more blood from a jelq session. This is making the chambers bigger (Same idea as increasing lung capacity to me) so the next time it fills up with blood it can sustain the amount it was filled up with the last time you did your jelq session. If you quit making gains then that probably means you are not jelqing long enough. A good way to start making gains again is to stop for a while so your body “forgets” about jelqing then restart later. You can get away with this because your penis is not a muscle and will not shrink from apathy so long as you keep getting hard ons.

A very key thing into making length gains is to make your jelq strokes last a full 3 or 4 seconds.

Jelqing is a MUST for length gains. Stretching alows you to gain faster because your penis doesn’t meet resistance from a fatigued ligament.

This is basically what I came up with after I researched the “science” of it.

It's still not big enough!


When I stop making gains I will bear that in mind and not jelq for about a week then do a v.intense workout ( 1.5+hours jelqing).

- Do you reccomend jelqing on a daily basis or taking rests, say 4 on 1 off? I usually jelq for about 5omins.

(quote)—You can get away with this because your penis is not a muscle and will not shrink from apathy so long as you keep getting hard ons.—

Is it important to get regular hard-ons on jelqing days, when not jelqing?


how do you stand jelqing for more than 30 min?????? I get so hot sweaty and tired I can barely go on after 10. That would be a stretch for me since I am locked in the bathroom. how often do you have to stop and regain your 65% erection or what ever??? I am in the bathroom for over an hour doing this stuff as it is, is this a normal amount of time to be doing a session?

To jelqist,

-Try to stay semi erect doing kegels or whatever to stay pumped after that jelq session. When you rebuild in the erect state you will make gains quicker.

-Jelqing for 30 minutes a day will keep a small penis away. (Yes, jelq everyday, or if you really want gains quick, you can jelq every 8 hours)

-Also be sure to do your stretches AFTER you jelq. The ligs will be more pliable and you can get a better stretch.

-Masurbation and sex is encouraged in between pe sessions.

To Joe seven,

-Do you wan’t a larger penis? If you do quit watching TV for 45 minutes, slap on some vasoline and get to jelqing. I had the same problem but when I got some questions answered and started doing it right, jelqing has become sort of a hobby of mine I enjoy doing.

-I am experimenting with this, but when you do your jelqs imagine you have a 10 inch dick instead of what you really have. I have heard successful hypnosis stories of people growing 2.5 inches and I can imagine doing this might help a bit.

-Its all in your head dude, put on some music and relax while your doing it. If you want good motivation, look at yourself in the mirror afterwards.

You sweat during PE?

Self discipline will get you a larger penis. Good things don’t come overnight bud.

It's still not big enough!


yeah i sweat a lot, usually warm up and stretch in a REALLY hot shower adn it takes a while for the steam to clear the bathroom with the vent so its stays hot. I also want girth gains and since my left side is smaller my right side isnt being stretched at all no matter how hard I pull so I dont have to worry about getting too thick. do you suggest alternating a length and a girth day 6 days a week??? All I want for now is 1 inch in either direction and I already have 3/8 towards the girth. If you stretch after jelqing how do you get all teh vaseline off yourself? thanks for your help goodwood.

tried it

well I just tried what you suggested. stretch, 20min jelq, and stretch again. didnt look any bigger or longer afterward and I wasnt sore like after you do girth exsercises just wondering if this is how its suppose to be. doesnt seem right but I havent ever done it so maybe it is. and again how do you get all the lube off so you can stretch right after, mine is vaseline and its sort of hard to get off.

Longwood, thanx for the advice.

How long have you been doing PE, what are your pre-pe stats and your stats now?

- I have no problem allocating an hour every day for jelqing and sticking to my workout, but people tell me that you should keep taking days off because this is when growth happens.

For the past few weeks I was jelqing every day for 50-70mins a day and then i stopped for 2 days and started again and I noticed that my dick reacted with a larger ‘donut’ than usual, red spots etc.

I have been jelqing for, coming up to, 7 weeks. I will start doing manual stretches AFTER jelqing thanks to your advice but I was really wondering if you benefited from a daily intense jelqing routine?

-Kegels, how many would you reccomend a day, after jelqing or is it good to do them before aswell?

If you do not get that engorged feel after jelqing you are doing something wrong.

-Make sure you are doing it for a solid 30 minutes. Each stroke should take 4 seconds, and 100 strokes should take 9-11 minutes range. 300 Jelqs should get the job done the first six weeks and beyond, but you should be the judge of that.

-A good warm up is vital

-A good warm down is also vital

I was 7x5.3 when I started in mid april and I am now currently 8.85x6.12 (bone pressed). Those gains right there were attributed to jelqing, stretching, and taking a mens one a day with Vig-Rx. I am 19 and currently done with first year of college.

-Your penis will take 8 hours to recouperate after your jelq session so you can actually double and do it twice a day for increased results if you have the time.

Try this for a stretch, and be sure to do this as much as possible.

-Pull your penis up to your belly button and into your stomach and stretch it. Ok, hold it there for 30 seconds doing kegels every second. To me this feels like a better stretch, you be the judge. Do your stretches all throughout the day though so you can make gains quicker.

This post was more of a ramble of words pasted together but I think I answer all the questions, good luck.

It's still not big enough!

power jelqer

would squeeze jelqing or a power jelqer work any better for daily jelqing? I seem to have a problem where I lose feeling in the skin on my shaft from jelqing more than 10-15 minutes minutes or so, maybe I need more lube. Hear power jelqers have rollers. what is vig-rx?

Vig-Rx is an overrated penis enlargement pill. Do your jelqs with Horny goat weed or some other aphrodesiac and you will get the same results.

It's still not big enough!

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