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Six Month Gains


That’s some good gains. If I was to gain like you did in six months my name wouldn’t be soon10x7, it’d be am10x7.

Could you please post your routine? And CONGRATS!

I am really reluctant to post my routine because it is evolving quite rapidly at the moment. However, a potted history is:
When I started…. Lots of kegels, warm-up, 100-200+ jelqs, warm down, 5 days on, 2 off (irregular)
I gradually built up the number of jelqs to 500-700, and I got an IR bulb to help with the warm up (I keep the bulb on right through my routines).
However, about a couple of months ago I accidentally discovered what I now know is called edging and I have become convinced that is a valuable tool. Quite apart from the gains my dick is now always rock hard when erect (and I mean ROCK hard - by the way I am 46 yrs old).
My current thinking is:
1. treat the kegels like any other exercise - I give the muscle some recovery time now whereas I used to kegel at every opportunity.
2. To follow up my standard 700 warm jelq routine with a long (30-40 minute edging session). This always ends in ejaculation and my dick is pretty much worn out. So i leave a long (2-3 day) recovery period. When it seems back to normal, I do another “super session” to exhaustion.

I am only a few weeks into these super sessions and the jury is out: feedback would be welcome! However, my feeling is that they are working: my gains are still coming through and also seem to be fixed. Although I do not have much hang in the 24 hrs after a super session, this reverts and after a period off (2 days say) I have a lovely flaccid hang which I like to show off at the gym!!

I should also say I am on a 3 week on/1 week off Tongkat Ali cycle (see other threads on here) and I take serrapeptase (not for PE but for general muscle recovery).

Only jelqing, no stretching, and gained one inch in 6 month !
Incredible ! But, of course, congratulations ! You are from lucky side of this forum !


Yes. However, I jelq quite strongly away from my body and downwards: that does provide quite a bit of stretch over a 700 jelq session.

Also, since honesty is the best policy, the starting measurement is possibly not totally consistent with my current measurements. My original stats were bone pressed but is was a normal everday (!) erection. Now it is still bone pressed but taken after a long PE session with a warm member and usually when I am edging. (I did once measure 7” but I had taken Viagra and some poppers so I don’t count it).

I think that if my starting stats had been truly 6.0”BPEL then my progress is only just a little above the graph generated from the PE data site on here. I based my November goal of 7.3” BPEL on that graph.


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