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Significant Gains Without Warm-up

Significant Gains Without Warm-up

Hi guys, I just wanted to know if anyone has seen significant gains without warm-up. Also has anyone compared the effects of heating and icing post workout? Thanks!

Yorke try the search engine.

I know these have been discussed before.

I would put the links up for you but I’m poor at finding old threads.

Sorry I can’t help more Pal.

If you overdo it applying heat helps. I don’t warm up I warm down. Had some decent gains, mostly girth though.

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I don’t warm up. Originally I did (for the first 6 months I’d estimate), but I don’t anymore. It was getting tedious. For me I just start out more slowly; you really need to know your dick. I have had some nice gains (~4.3” EG —> 5.3” EG, clamped EG 6.25”), even if it’s hard for me to tell.

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I don’t warm-up. The point in doing warm-up is mainly avoiding injuries, I don’t think it makes a huge difference as far as gains are concerned.

I’ve seen the results of a survey at a different PE site about warming up. Two groups were asked to do PE with/without warm-up. In the end, there were no differences in gains in the two groups.

I second marinera, it’s mostly for safer workout.

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Often I don’t warm up either - I’m just too lazy - but I’ve always believed there could be a positive effect which goes beyond avoiding injuries: heat makes collagen more ductile.

My opinion is a good warm up, then a jelqing session, and finally an ADS (to let it rest in an extended state) is the simplest and most effective routine.

I’d only wish I could be consistent enough.

Thanks a lot guys. Personally I don’t have enough time to warm up, but I still think it would be better to do it than not too.

Whilst warming up may help with gains; the most importnat point to consider is that warming up reduces the likelyhood of injury.

It is like any sport - All done for the same reason.

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I rarely do warmups. I’m too lazy. Maybe I could have gained more with warmups, but like I said; lazy lazy lazy :) .

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a warm bottle of coke fills the stomach the same as a cold, just tastes a little better cold :P

Warmup is indeed helpful in avoiding injury, but has other benefits. I don’t know if it affects gains, but here is why I warmup. I think it softens the tissue, makes it more pliable. I believe I get better expansion if i have warmed up. Also, I believe it helps with discoloration, the bruised look, broken blood vessles, and possibly even reduces the likelyhood of a “donut effect” from pumping.

I know it is a tedious bitch part of the routine, but i keep mine short and sweet. it is easy, and only costs me about 2 minutes. I figure it is better than nothing, and can only help. Hot glass of water warmup. No fucking around with heat lamps, rice in a sock, wash cloths, etc. Just a good ole hot cup of water!

Edit to add: It seems that more signs point to warmup being beneficial than not. Another way to look at it is this, dedication. Not doing it half-hearted. If it is known to be anything helpful to PE, I’ll do it. I understand lazy, but one should try to avoid that mentality in PE. Otherwise it could be possible to be scratching your head 2 years from now wondering why you didn’t gain much, or anything at all. Lazy? That does not go hand in hand with PE in my opinion.

Agree with what the poster above just said. I admit lately I’ve been lazy with the warm-up, but trust it is very beneficial for your PE session.

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