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Harder Erections, Veinier, but little to no gains

Harder Erections, Veinier, but little to no gains

I’ve been familiar with PE for a number of years now, but I haven’t had the discipline nor the privacy to actually try it until around April, though even now privacy is still a big issue with dorm life and room mates. Because of these things, in addition to work and school, I wasn’t able to be very consistent with PE until May when school got out.

Though I’ve read a lot about PE through the years, I’ve still had worries about if I’m doing everything right. The videos on this site have helped validate what I’m doing some, but I’d still like input. I’ll try to be exhaustive in my description to best serve that end.

I’m interested in PE because I know I’m on the small side of average, if I’m measuring right, I’m at BPEL 5.5, with about 4.7 inches erect girth, BPFL 3.5-4, ~4 inches flaccid girth. I’m not concerned for my ability to satisfy a woman so much as just having a bigger penis, and because of this, I’m interested in length gains, mostly. I wish I had measured in April, but I never had a ruler handy in the shower, which was the only private place available. I haven’t noticed any significant gains in length, though, and girth is kinda difficult to tell.

I’ve been doing the newbie routine and variations thereof. I felt like it was time to do more after about a month and a half because it didn’t even feel like a very good workout. I gradually increased to what I’m doing right now, which is
A 5 minute warm up
15 30 second manual stretches in all directions, mostly SO, up, and down, including some V and A stretching,
Then 400 4 second jelqs which I increased incrementally every week until I hit 400,
Followed by another 5 minute warm down.
All in all, it takes about an hour. I use a hot towel for the warm up/down, Vaseline Intensive Care as a lube for jelqs, and I’m not having many problems with that, and I have a glove from the doctor’s office which helps me grip for stretches. I hang fuller after a workout, but not really bigger. I do this for 2 or sometimes 3 days on, then one day of rest.

I’m not noticing any discoloration or pain, but I’m also not noticing any gains, even small ones. My erections are harder, and I’ve noticed some new veins starting to show up, but I’m not bigger. I know that patience is a virtue, but I’d like some sort of indication of whether I’m doing things right and should continue, or if I should stop wasting time with what I’m doing and try something new.

One thing which may impact my situation, though shouldn’t, according to a urologist I just saw on a coincidental doctor’s appointment, is that I have Cystic Fibrosis. Before you jump to conclusions if you know anything about CF, I have one super rare mutation of it, and they actually can’t even identify the other one of my mutations. My lung function is actually 104% of what is predicted for any person of my height and weight, and I am pancreatic sufficient. Apparently Testosterone levels are typically low in CF patients, however, which may or may not affect PE. CF may in no way affect PE, but if anyone is knowledgeable about it and can contribute, it would be appreciated.

Also, starting in the middle of next month, I’ll be back to school, which means sharing a bathroom with another person. My privacy is very limited, and disappearances into the bathroom for an hour are not only weird, but selfish. Any tips on this situation would help a lot, but my chief concern is working out an effective routine. I don’t mind it taking a long time to see gains, but I would like to know what to do to make sure that the gains will eventually come.

Hi staplerdude,

couldn’t you manage a 30 min work out every morning when you get ready in the shower? You could also do a few extra stretches during the day whenever you get the chance seeing as length is your goal.

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