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1 year and no girth gains

1 year and no girth gains

I started PEing about a year ago maybe even longer. I started with a newbie routine (warm up, 1-2 min stretching, 100-150 wet jelqs, warm down) and I did that for a month or two and got I think 1/16 of an inch in length gains and no girth. My stats are 6.5in. Length NBP and 4 3/4in. Girth so I want girth a lot more then I want length. So after the newbie routine I threw in dry jelqs. Still no gains.

For the next months I tried changing up my routines going lighter and doing 20 minute sessions, going more intense and doing 45 - hour long sessions (not including warm up). The only time I got red spots or injured myself was when I tried to dry jelq with a 40% erection. Other then that no matter how intense my sessions were I never knew how much I could take. Not that I wanted to it’s just nice to know what your limits are.

Anyways for the past month or so I’ve gotten kind of down about it and just been doing a simple routine (warm up, 100 dry jelqs with a 30 second hold every 20 jelqs then warm down. I just grabbed the piece of paper that I use to make my girth (wrap it around midshaft mark the spot where it connects and measure) and I realized I haven’t made any gains.

I’ve never done anything like horses and the most intense thing I did was hold-jelqs (grip the base like your doing a hold with one hand then with the other do a 5 second jelq) which gave everyone else great gains but gave me nothing. The reason I never tried horses is because I really really don’t want to injure a part that is very valuable to me.

So.. I need a new girth routine using exercises that people have gotten great gains on but that are still pretty safe if your paying attention to what your doing. I’m sick right now with bronchitis and taking this week and maybe next week off to and am going to come back fresh.

*Edit also to be honest I was consistent for a month or two usually before my schedule got effected by more important things or something like that so I’m not saying that it was a year straight without missing a session because I probably missed maybe a session a week or a session every 2 weeks.


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Have you read this?

Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!

If not…read it. If you have, I suggest going for super EQ first (erectile quality). In other words, forget about increasing size, go for a super hard erection, easy and frequent, improved nite and morning wood.

Once you have that, increasing size is usually just a small adjustment from there. If you have lowered EQ from your PE…chances are you are over doing it.

Take two pills of horny goat weed, L-Arginine, and Ginko combined with this routine every day (note you don’t need to take these pills, you’ll still get some good gains without them, but you’ll get better results with them):

1. First start with some dry jelqing. Do 30 of each stretching your penis straight out (you can sit down and do this) and pulling it up (stand up when you do this). Each stroke should be 3 seconds long.

Note: these go well with manual and V-stretches if you’re still interested in gaining some more length. All ways do the stretches first before wet Jelqing.

2. Start with 15-20 minutes of wet jelqing (both the up and down ways, each should be 15-20 minutes long, which should add up to about 30-40 minutes) with 3 seconds with every stroke.

3. Next (as soon as you finish jelqing), do Jelq Squeeze with five seconds between each stroke. Do 160 of these, you’ll get great results trust me!

If you do this routine every day in the morning and night, you’ll gain alot, but if you don’t have that much time, you could do both either in the morning or at night. Try doing stretches first in the, then jelqing. But if you just want girth gains, just do dry and wet jelqing (no stretches). It’s better to do wet jelqing and Sqeezes while watching porn btw, if you get to hard, just pause until your erection lessens, then continue.

Please use this routine, it really works! Let me know what you gained from this.

I’ve made a mistake about the dry jelqing, hold it for 30-60 secs, not 3!

Cool I’m definitely excited about this, thanks for the advice guys anyone else have any ideas? I’m gonna start when my ginkgo biloba comes in, which should be tomorrow or Friday since I am feeling better.

Also do you have the link on how to get better erection quality?

Seize-it have you thought about doing any clamping. Clamping is undoubtedly the best thing you can do to get girth. If you have been PEing for as long as you say then doing some light clamping combined with jelqing would definitely give you some girth.

Its just as safe as anything else as long as you have some common sense and do it properly.

If you want to stick with the manual exercises then try some Ulis or jelq squeezes Both of these are demonstrated in the PE videos here at thunders.

Here’s a clamping link
Clamping 101 - The clamping guide

Search. Read. Learn. Apply. Make weener bigger........Eventually reach goal of giant weener

I haven’t really considered it as I always heard it was dangerous.

I will think about it thanks for the advice.


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