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Setting a realistic goal

Setting a realistic goal

Hi everyone,

I am 6.9EL and 4.6EG now and I would like to know what a realistic goal would be for lets say a year from now. I have been PE’ing for over a year now but I haven’t had a routine and sometimes I didn’t do any exercises for weeks. I recently started working out again at a local gym and what really helped me there was to set goals and to work towards them. Then I can make a routine and stick to it.
The same approach would be ideal for PE as well but I don’t want to set a goal that is unrealistic to begin with and be disappointed for not reaching my goal.

My long term future ideal goal would be 8EL and 6EG but what would be a realistic one for next year?

Thank you for the input.

7.5 EL x 5 EG

Originally Posted by nicenslow
7.5 EL x 5 EG

Thank you for the reply. Do I balance my exercises length and girth or do I have to focus more on girth to reach that 5 EG?

It has been recommended that one focus on length first, then girth, since stretching is easier in the initial stages of penis growth. I realize everyone grows differently and at different intervals, but this method allows the tunica and ligaments the ability to maximize growth in length. Girth should come second in a routine, but you should still commit to doing girth exercises like jelqing to condition the penis.

IMO go for length first and then girth

I think 8x5.5 is upper end of reasonable still. It’s about an inch gain in both directions, which is not atypical. Six inches of girth would really be pressing it probably though.

Start (Oct 2010) NBPEL: 5, BPEL: 5.875 inches, BASE GIRTH: 5.25 inches, MID GIRTH: 5

(November 2013) NBPEL: 5.875, BPEL: 6.625 inches, BASE GIRTH: 5.625 inches, MID GIRTH: 5

Goal NBPEL(7-7.5)xMEG(5.5-6) (journal)

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