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Will you stop PE when you reach your goal


Will you stop PE when you reach your goal

I started thinking about this the other day, as I’m pretty close to my goal. I think that even though I reach my goal I will never stop PEing, even if it’s just for maintenance. PE has became a part of my life already and don’t really think I could leave it that easy.
Now, we need to know the experiences from the vets, did you kept peing even when you reach your goal? Does it had to do with your free time (I mean if you are busy with work or have no privacy is very likely to stop peing)
And also, do you think that we have a final goal or when we reach that goal we are just gonna think of a new one? :D


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Dremel, having been around this place on and off for 3 years, I have seen many guys say how their goals have changed when they reached their initial ‘final’ goal. Some guys are simply hooked to PE. Some find out or think that their wives/girlfriends want more still. Some guys reach their goals and aren’t as impressed with their size as they thought they would be earlier, so keep going. Some realise that they initially set their goals too low in the beginning and when they realise that they can have even more if they want, can not resist the temptation.

There are ofcourse those guys that have set their goals too high and will never reach them and there are guys that never actually set a final goal size and see where PE takes them. There may even be a few guys that eventually reach monstrous sizes and regret growing so much because their wives or girlfriends can’t handle the size, or find it hard to find compatible women because of their size. Although a couple of years of doing no PE should decrease their size considerably, in theory.

I myself am not setting a final goal. I doubt I would ever stop PE because I would want to maintain my size when/if I reach my undetermined ideal, so will probably do atleast one session a week for the rest of my life, or until some form of truly permanent PE is invented.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

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Not stop PE. I would do maintenance after I reach my long term goal of 8 x 6. But 7.75 x 5.75 is good for me as well as 7.5 x 5.x5 . Even if I never pass that I will be satisfied.

I will most likely stop the intense PE sessions, but I will always continue to kegel and jelq for maintenance.

I agree with you all, specially with guru. I think that after I reach my goal and if I’m satisfied with my size I ll just keep jelqing at least 2 times a week

Abril ´04 BP 15.8 x EG 11.4 // Marzo ´06 BP 19.6 x EG 12.5 // Sept ´07 BP 20.3 x EG 13

GOAL: 20x14 - Big enough to make that ass cry for mercy!

I’ll keep jelqing/stretching just to maintain my gains. I still have no idea how “cemented” my original gains are: it’s been a year now. I know my recent gains are definitely NOT cemented, so I’ll have to stay at a pretty intensive level for a little while more—hopefully not too long.

I also know that if I overdo it, I’ll lose some. So for me it’s “easy does it.”


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I’ll never stop. I’ll probably curb it down to a little bit a day eventually, or maybe a little bit every couple of days, but I’m never going to fully stop. For me, it’s bigger or nothing.

I will continue as long as it gives me something positive: pleasure from exercises, pleasure from gaining, better penile health.
When it start to be purely negative, I will stop, at least temporarily.
If it is one thing I learnt during the years, it is that you never know how hard something will be later on just judging from the feeling when everything goes smooth.
Every summer I really love running, and promise to myself that I will NOT stop this winter.
Already in late October, the pleasure of running is starting to go away, and in December it is almost completely gone. I can still force myself doing it for another few months because I know the desire will come back during springtime.
I am sure PE will be the same when gains starts to come harder, or I just get bored with the exercises.


I read that in the beginning of PE, the first 2 weeks or so, an average gain is occured of 1 to 2 inches. So I said WOW, 1 inch more would be great! I did gain about 1 inch the first weeks, I thought I would be happy but I wanted more so that’s when I really started PE. I guess I’ll never be satisfied, even when I reach my goal.

As for cementing, I always thought PE would be permanent? At least that’s what they said at Penilesecrets.

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Fly, the word permanent seems to be open to interpretation. You see, no one has actually stopped PE for years and then posted their findings. PE as we know it hasn’t been around long enough for this permanence theory to be proved wrong or right.

There is a theory that ligament gains are truly permanent, after being cermented and that tunica, CC and CS are atleast semi permanent after being cemented. That is to say that you would possibly only lose a percentage of your cemented gains after years of no PE and that cemented gains are so long lasting and need so little maintenance that they are as good as permanent.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

PE has been around for at least hundreds of years, dating back to African and Arabian cultures.

I’ve heard of guys stopping PE permanently and losing anywhere from 25-50% of their original gains. That means if you gained 2 inches in length, you could possibly lose up to 1 inch. Same with girth, you lose up to 50%. It’s rarely any more than 50% loss though (unless the gains were uncemented…but who the hell gains 2 inches that aren’t cemented? lol).

However, most people don’t ever stop PE. Most, after PEing hardcore for however many years (usually 5 or 6 from what I hear, although some do it for 10 and some their entire lives), we go on maintainence routines and we never have to deal with losing.

And to answer the original poster’s question: I will never stop.



I don’t think I could stop if I wanted to. But they say that admitting the addiction is the first sign of cure. I DON’T WANT TO BE CURED! This is one addiction I never want to be rid of. I WILL NOT STOP! I CAN NOT STOP!


Probably not. I am not happy now, wont be happy at 9x7 either. Self image issue I guess.

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Judging from some of the outlandish goals I’ve seen posted here, especially in relation to the very modest starting sizes, I don’t think the question behind this thread will be a common concern.

Someone once said, “Old soldiers don’t die, they just fade away.”

Likewise, “PE junkies don’t reach their goals, they just eventually tire of plateaus.”

Think that will end up in Bartlett’s?

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