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Here is my goal


Here is my goal

Hi there! I’m new on this forum and I need some tips about my goal.. is my goal and I hope it is possible

My stats’

EL: 6”

I would like to increase my girth to 0.5” and length also 0.5”.in 4 months..
Is it a realistic goal, or is it impossible?
I searched and looked the newbie routine than applying now for about 1 month, 3 days on 2 days off.
But my main goal is about girth and I know girth is very difficult to gain..
After one month of training 200 jelqs day and some ulis, I just noticed this.. When flaccid, the head seems bigger, when erect, I can now see veins that I didn t seen before.but not really any enlargement.just” seems” bigger.what does it mean?am I an hard gainer or is that normal for a beginning?
I m starting now after my training month with PSP pills supplement that I started last week.
Yes, I know, these pills will not growth anything(it is written on the PSP bottles that you have to do exercices.yes, it is written!)but just as recovery supplement and to help me in my PE..
Can someone give me a good advice and a custom newbie routine aiming girth?


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All depends on how easily your dick reacts to PE. You may fund you gain 0.5” in length or girth, but maybe not both combined in a 4 months timespace. I have gained 0.5” girth in 3 months so anything’s possible.

Welcome to Thunder’s. :)

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Thanks for that so fast reply!wow!
As girth is my main goal and if I had to choose between length gains and girth gains, it will girth off course..
But I m newbie, and my main problem, is how to choose a good routine for really improve my girth.when you are newbie, you test a lot of excercices, some times advanced excercices with obsession to gain as fast is possible, but I know that really not good and just lead to injury..
It is for that I wrote this topic..
How my dick do react to PE, how can I check this now?


Some say your LOT (loss of tugback) threshold is a good indicator of how your penis will react to PE. Use the search function at the top right of the page for this. I’m not sure how effective a barometer this is but it won’t hurt to find out.

Stick to the newbie routine for now, concentrate on the jelqing for girth especially. Take it easy on your penis to start with, slow and steady to get used to the new exercises.

Consistency is the key IMO. Search search search button!

Good luck stranger.

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Thanks drilla9!

OK I ll concentrate on jelqing.Are 200 strokes a day+ some ulis enough for the first month?how much can I increase number of jelq by weeks?
I m doing Dry jelqs, is that bad for girth gains?Wet jelq are better?(I can only perfom correctly the dry jelq, and not very well the wet ones.)


Dry jelqs are good, wet jelqs are good - see what works best for you. There are video tutorials of certain exercises you can find here that will be useful too. For the first month take it slow, methodical and deilberate. 200 is a good number to start with yes.

One more thing, check Forum Guidelines for rules on posting shorthand (THKS)..Thunder will appreciate it.:)

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Ok, I ll do this routine for one month and come back to tell how that worked..
At the same time maybe some PSP reports


Hi stranger,,,,I’m interested in knowing how you do with pro solution pills, can you post regularly what you notice, how you feel, any differences positive or negative as I am considering trying them,,thanks.

Originally Posted by SlackJawedYokel
Just stick to the newbie routine for 2-3 months before adding in complex bends and twists.


Why is it that seemingly every newbie wants to do something other than the “newbie routine”? This I will never understand. I bet we could replace the newbie routine with a recipe for turtle cheesecake and no one would notice.

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Originally Posted by MX

Why is it that seemingly every newbie wants to do something other than the “newbie routine”? This I will never understand. I bet we could replace the newbie routine with a recipe for turtle cheesecake and no one would notice.

I say we go for it.

It seems newbies dont read the stickies. Weird.

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How to use the search button for best results. If you actually USE the search button, this is worth a read

And just how long should a person stay on the Newbie routine?

Can someone got good gains from the newbie routine before leaving it?
Is my goal of 0.5” in girth and lenght realistic only doin the newbie routine?

And yes averageguy and for the other, I ll keep postin about the PSP effect.

First of all, I can appreciate how fast I receveid them. Only 2 weeks after I send a money order to them(money order is slowest pay method, it can take up to 10 days.and living japan.).

Now 1 week I m taking them here is I noticed as I m writing this post:

-Feeling that the blood is constently filling until the glans, even flaccid. It make look bigger in flaccid state, but just as I says, look only.
-When doing a kegel, can feel a little pressure to head sometimes when half erect or 30% erect
-This morning, for the first time, had a very rock hard erection, increasement of 0.2” but not really any increasement.that just a better erection due to the pills and sure that is temporary.the same for the girth a little bigger but didn t take any stats .

So actually, these pills have only a boosting effect only actually. But the positive thing, it can help you for jelq, is like me jelqing is prior, pills can help you keeping a good erect stat.

-Pills are good for newbies
-Pills are useful for jelq
-Pills do not enlarge
-Pills are not helpful for streching routine

The next time, I ll create a topic about the PSP.

Hey stranger,

Are you aware of the markup on a bottle of those pills? I am not sure what kind of suppliments are available in Japan, but you are paying some outrageous price for a couple dollars worth of supplement.

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