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Hey guys,

Primarily my previous routine consisted of Jelqs/squeezes only, recently i’ve added a stretch in each direction. My problem is: I seem to have a lot of loose skin up the shaft of my unit, when I pull outwards my grip slides forwards until all the pressure is on my glans, this has resulted in some serious sensitivity loss (feels like plastic on the end) I’m not pulling unreasonably, or for too long a period of time; i’ve also tried “bunching” the skin up at the bottom and changing my grip position but nothing seems to help (tried gloves, talc etc)

I intend to take a break from stretches whilst the sensitivity returns however: do you think a hanger would enable me to stretch without the same problem? Or do you think the loose skin is going to slide the hanger off also?

cheers in advance.

pull your skin back…and grab under the glans….and then there won’t be no grip sliding

Once you get the right grip on the glans (different for every individual), you might want to do some of your stretching while using your other hand to hold the base - pulling back on the skin a bit. This will help with the loose skin getting in the way of your grip and focus the stretch on the shaft. It will not help with ligament stretching though, so you’ll want to figure out how to target that somehow as well in a different set of stretches.

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