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Bad penis sensitivity - please help!


Bad penis sensitivity - please help!


i asked this a short time ago but i still hope to get answers apart from “go to an urologist”.
I will go to one but this will take a week.

So my question again:

I have a very very bad penile sensitivity all over head and shaft.
I have to rub relatively hard to cum, my erection disappears after 3 seconds when i dont rub anymore.
The sensitivity is so bad that i sometimes get the feeling that my penis is something between flesh and plastic. Blowjob is no fun for me cause the feeling is too weak.

My sensitivity went down a short time before i started PEing but since i started Peing i lost much more of my senstitvity.

I will consider an urologist (i saw already 2 but they couldnt do anything) and i will stop hanging for 1 week. I never did very hard PEing.

So my question to you is:

Do you know ANY methods to improve sensitivity of the penis?????
Maybe putting it into a condom filled with skin cream , fixed with a cord or something like that… you know ANYTHING i can do about it???By MYSELF?

I would be very glad to read from you, i will try anything to get my feeling back.
If you have a link to a site or to a posting from thundersplace or PEforums please tell me!

Bye, SPV

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Yes to urologist. And preferably one with experience in erectile dysfunction; not all urlologists have this. You can determine if a uro has ED experience by asking members of his staff, or him, or going to one who advertises that this is a specialty of his.

There are all kinds of possibilities as to reasons for losing erections that quickly. One is called “venous leakage.” You get hard by whatever means and the blood leaks out rapidly unless you maintain stimulation. Has to be frustrating. Ask for a test called a Dopler sonogram. Painless and can be done in the uro’s office. They get you hard, or semi-hard, then measure blood flow in and blood flow out; this test can usually pinpoint a problem if there is one.

You could also have some neurologic quirk. Not that you have it (but you should be checked for it), diabetes will often cause numbness in extremities - your dick is an extremity. Also, you could have injured nerves during one of your PE routines. Continuing PE will likely only make the condition worse. My suggestion: do no PE whatsoever until you have seen the uro. Not what you want to hear, probably, but PE sure isn’t giving you more sensitivity.




Go to the doctor, and like avocet8 said no PE at all. My guess is you have some kind of leakage caused by something you did to your penis. Listen to avocet8 he knows this shit very well. Good luck sandman.


Thank u very much avocet and dino,

avocet, when i visit the urologist, i ask him about ED and demand the Dopler sonogram.
Should i also visit a neurologist (if nerves have gotten damaged)?

If i damaged nerves…..the is no possibility to restore this, eh?

Thanks again,


I'll echo the above.

NO P.E. In fact, quit messing with your dick in any and all ways not neccessary for normal bodily functions. Slooooow down, dude! Way down and give this time. Reason I say this is because you are rushing off to a doctor that is going to ask you alot of questions and likely tell you the same stuff you heard above. Best case he’ll fix you. Or maybe try to fix something that will fix itself given a good long rest. That’s bad…but I doubt any urologist worth his title would rush into anything unless he were really cetain of the problem. Likely that you will be given advice to layoff the P.E. and all other dick related hobbies to see the results, which will likely be evaluated at a second appointment. Why not just do that now for a few weeks and then make an appointment if the problem doesn’t alleviate itself? At least that will save you some cash. JMO. Not a doctor, but have been to urologist and they don’t like to jump into this stuff pill and scalple without giving it a chance to take care on it’s own with a variable change or two, and you have a few interesting variables to change (P.E. stuff). I think your trying to achieve peace of mind (and erection) though medical advice and appointment. Just wait a while to see that you really need to take your time and theirs on this issue. It’s better for both you and the busy Doc. Eliminate those P.E. variables yourself for a few weeks and I think it will be a much more productive appointment IF the problem still exists. That way you can say that you have eliminated at least some of the potential causes of your problem and you and Doc can proceed to investigate other potential causes. More bang for your buck and time this way…and no one will jump to conclusions and pass you off with the “give it a rest” prescription if you have proven through experience that it doesn’t apply. Good luck (RESTING your dick, not PEing). groa

Thanks groa,

my point is that i already did LONG rest periods even long times without maturbation but this wasnt very useful for me.
My sensitivity went down, i hope the doctor can tell me something apart from “rest!”…..

It is not a problem of cash for me because i live in Germany and i can go to as much doctors as i wish without paying more for my insurance.

Wouldnt kegels and light jelqing help because of the bloodflow improvenent? Maybe some exercises to strengthen my erection?

Bye, SPV

Listen Sandmann,

You’ve posted your plea for help several times before and each time you get the same answers - stop PE and go and see a urologist. But each time we tell you, you simply ingnore the advice.

The last time you posted about your problem (BTW, your problem, according to your previous posts, started 4 years ago - long before you started any PE) you were advised to stop PE and seek professional help - it’s good, sound advice and the best that this or any other PE board can offer. But did you listen? No! Instead you ignored all advice and went on a hanging binge - 2 hours hang-time per day for 14 days straight!

Have you considered that there may be a significant psychological component to your complaint?

lil1 :lep:

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"Pertinaciously pursuing a penis of preposterously prodigious proportions." What a mouthful!

I’m with lil on this. Every time we tell you no PE you counter with something about more PE. I can tell you are beginning to wear us out.

Before you _go_ to the urologist (he said for the final time), make a list of all your specific complaints and symptoms and make a copy of that to hand to the doctor. This way you will be sure that all your problems will be addressed. You can go down the list together and talk about each condition on it. Doctors actually like this - it saves them time getting to the problems and indicates that the patient is very interested in the outcome of his own care.

List everything. All erections problems, all symptoms of numbness and where this occurs, and anything else you can think of that is dick-related. You don’t demand a Dopler sonogram, you ask the doctor if this test might help in identifying the cause of your problems. It might, imo, but he’s the doctor.

Yes, penile nerves do regenerate but very, very slowly, which is another reason you shouldn’t be banging you dick around trying to get this resolved.

Now. Stop being silly and make the appointment and then come back and tell us what he says. We all might learn something from your experience.




I am very glad that i am allowed to be here.
And that u spend some of your time for me. But i dont want to wear u out for sure…..

This is one of the biggest problems in my life and i seek for solutions.
And i had long rest periods and the sensitivity didnt come back.
So i thought that it is my fate that i have to live with this condition.

This was the reason for me to go on with HAnging - i didnt see a chance to get my sensitivity back.
But from time to time i hope again that somwhere out there i can find an answer and so i post.
I dont ignore any advice , lil12big1, but i think about the advice and i already rested for long times so i know what changes it brings to my penis.
But i will do a longer rest period now and go to the urologist.

Lil12big1, there might be indeed a psychological factor being responsible for my development. But ….. if there is a psychological component… should i be able to change this?

Avocet8, i stop now for sure and i dont counter with PE . Kegels and light jelqing would maybe help, i dont want to gain length with this but getting back some bloodflow and sensitivity. What do you think about this?

I will visit an urologist and tell u what he said.

I thank both of you,



SPV writes: “Avocet8, i stop now for sure and i dont counter with PE . Kegels and light jelqing would maybe help, i dont want to gain length with this but getting back some bloodflow and sensitivity. What do you think about this?”

You “stop now for sure” but you want to do light jelking….

No PE, we are saying. Nada. Nein. Verboten. Zip.

If you want “A” and you keep pressing Button “B,” you’ll keep getting “B.”

We get one dick in this lifetime. If you want to have one that has no sensitivity during sex - a lifetime of delicious events denied you - just keep banging away on that sucker.

Trust me, if you are having nocturnal erections (during sleep), you are getting plenty enough blood there to hold you over until you get solid medical advice. I don’t know about the others here who are being so patient with your nonsense but I would rather lose all my hard-worked-for gains and go back to the dick I had before PE if I could feel during sex, rather than have a humongous one with NO feeling.

I will not talk with you anymore about any form of PE until you have seen a competant urologist and have some answers about the cause(s) of your problem. To do so would be 1) irresponsible and 2) piss me off. I am not pissed off now, but don’t press your luck.

Best regards,

I leave you with a (weakening) smile and the hope that you will do what you need to to find out why your dick is numb. And that you will keep your hands off it except to pee and wash, until you do see the uro.



If i do kegels and very light jelqing for bloodflow….what has this to do with PE?

My dick isnt completely numb

Man SPV, you don’t listen do you?!? You’ve asked for help, for opinions here at the board. The general census is that you should stop PE alltogether and seek medical advice faster. And what do you do? You don’t give a damn about the opinions people give you. Look, if you want your situation to get better faster, seek medical advice, NOW! But if you are afraid to go to the doctor, then by all means continue to do what you’re doing, and risk to permanentely damage your dick. Keep delaying the doctor visit and this is what will happen, you’ll end up with a nonworking dick. Maybe this way you’ll be happier?!?

Light jelquing, kegeling, whatever, this is PE! If you some kind of condition that prevents the normal filling of the chambers, some condition regarding the nerves, whatever, you shouldn’t mess with your dick except to pee, like avocet8 said. But you don’t listen do you?!?!

A word of advice, think about what you’re doing to one thing in you that you won’t be able to substitute, your dick.




i want advice for sure but if there comes up an opinion that i dont share or if i doubt in it i want to discuss.
I think thats pretty normal.

What you say sounds logical (“Light jelquing, kegeling, whatever, this is PE! If you some kind of condition that prevents the normal filling of the chambers, some condition regarding the nerves, whatever, you shouldn’t mess with your dick except to pee”) but what i hate about this is that if i do what you say the bloodflow in my dick will be bad and it will still feel a bit cold.

I hate this feeling.

If my dick is warm and relaxed it feels much healthier.

Bye, SPV

this is an emergency


Things , especially medical conditions, tend to become emergencies after being long neglected (years in your case).
What you are saying is that if you don’t do light jelqs your dick becomes cold. right? Well that’s not normal, I mean ususally the head may be less warm than the parts that are closer to the body but your dick shouldn’t feel cold - cold feeling and the other symptoms you described clearly indicate that something is wrong - bloodflow, nerves - whatever, and you need urgent medical attention. Don’t post anything further, don’t jelq, don’t think, just pick up the phone and make an immediate appointment with the best specialist you can find. DO IT NOW.

Edit #1:
Sorry for being somewhat harsh on you - please understand I (and all guys here) want the best for you.

We hope to hear good news from you soon :)

Edit #2:
I’m not sure how relevant this can be for you, but I remembered there is a product called Man Hood, it’s a piece of double layered silk cloth that you wear all day on your penis in order to preserve/increase skin sensitivity. This link shows pics and has also additional info on protection against heat, cold, uv etc.:

Also have a look on this one on penile sensitivity:

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Sandman man, what’s up, please respond.

Anything new this past week?

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