Sensitivity: Lack of and Prevention

First, I want to say hello to everyone and let you all know that this site is very informative and friendly(definitely a surprise). I enjoy the support that many of you give each other…that is what every man who is trying to do something that is exciting, personal, yet potentially dangerous needs..SUPPORT.

Im very new to PEing and the past 2-3 weeks I started doing manual stretches, experimented with jelqing and recently took an interest in hanging (Tom Hubbard’s device). But I have developed a concern over the loss of sensitivity. In my case, i think its just from overwork. Symptoms: slight dull feeling when stroked, yet sensitive enough to feel a gentle touch and/or pinch, slight lack of 100% erection, slight lack of morning wood. Similar to when you over masturbate or have sex with a very tight girl.

I believe mine just needs a rest and I am on my second day with good results. But I have to take the loss of sensitivity seriously. Cuz there is no purpose to me increasing my size if i cant enjoy it, right?

In researching this topic on this site, I have learned some very valuable info such as to be careful when it comes to the nerves just behind the head….very good to know..esp since i hang weights. And i know not to do too much too soon since Im new, to listen to my body, watch out for pain, blood and spots.

So I want to throw some questions out there for all of you so as to consolidate information regarding sensitivity versus it being spread out throughout the site:

1) Which methods of PEing tend to have a loss of sensitivity as an injury?

2) How can you bring back the sensitivity? (does hot wrapping help? Vit. E? cream?) And how long to do it?

3) What are some very wrong/bad techniques that lead to this injury? (such as pinching the nerves behind the head when hanging; lack of circulation; overworking the unit)

4) Prevention against loss? What can we do? Lotions? Massages?

5) What are some good tips to keep the unit healthy?

I appreciate any and all comments!