Second month in, little more gain...

Hello. It looks like I gained another 1/8” in length again like last month. Its becoming more “official” now that there is a bigger difference between my starting stats and current stats. If this keeps up, I’ll reach my first length goal in two more months. Slowly, but surely, I guess :D .

It looks like girth gains might be more difficult for me, because I still look the same there. However, I think that this is good to keep the length gains coming, because it would be harder to get them with more girth.

Well, here’s to another 1/8” for next month :gulp: .

Starting Stats: 6" bpel x 5.5" eg Current Stats (2nd length goal MET!): 7.0" bpel x 5.5" eg 2nd Goal: 7.5" bpel x 5.75" eg BIG Goal: 8.0" bpel x 6.5" eg