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Flaccid gain vs. Erect gain


Flaccid gain vs. Erect gain

Hey all. I know this has been discussed before, but would still appreciate any additional insights you may offer.

Starting stats
BPFSL: 8.4
EG: 6.5

My Question: I have gained over 1/2 inch in flaccid stretch, putting me at NBPFSL = 8, BPFSL = 9. However, I haven’t gained a darn thing in EL.

I’m not frustrated because I assume these gains are indicative of what is to come. I’m just curious as to other mambers’ experiences with the correlation between flaccid stretch and erect gains. Is there an initial erect gain lag period? Or will I continue to gain 1/2 inch FSL for every 1/4 or so of EL? Just curious.

Feel free to link to past posts on this topic as I may have missed a few when I looked.

Happy Friday, y’all……

bro I”m having the exact same problem. I would love a response - from someone who has had similar problems.

From my standpoint if my erection length isn’t going to get longer - what’s the point in doing PE? Hate to sound negative but erection length is what I’m after.

Hey Thunder, I’ve been doing this for quite a bit longer than two weeks. I think you may have thought you were posting to the guy who posted right before me. (He was wondering why he’d only gained flaccid size after two weeks.) No harm no foul…just think you replied to the wrong post on accident.

Yeah gwinea, I replied to chiefs844. The post right above mine. I never tracked my flaccid stretched measurements, so I can’t give you any decent input to your post. I do remember other members posting about noticing gains in flaccid stretch before erect gains. Perhaps a few of them will post replies.

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I have been there!!! I know exactly what your talking about! I don’t know if there is an exact correlation. However, after my stretched flaccid length increased noticeably, my erect length also went up withing a few weeks. But never exactly = to the stretch increase. Erect length increases less than the Stretched does, at least for me. Think of it this way, if you keep increaseing your stretched flaccid length, eventually, your erect length has no choice but to increase as well.

Flaccid length is always the first to increase, erect gains come a bit later, so be patient, Bro.

What happens in the beginning is that when you start stretching, you actually bring out the full potential of your dick. How long that might be, I don’t know. But just keep at it and at some point flaccid gains turn into erect gains.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Fl is also important.

I didn’t notice the flaccid gains immediately. But I was focused on getting my woodies back, so I was focused on erect gains. It was only later, especially after doing all the stretches, that I noticed my flaccid gains were probably greater than the erect ones. If my erect gains ever catch up with my flaccid, I may go into porn—senior citizens porn, that is.



"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


This is just a hunch - perhaps some of the other members can comment on it. My flaccid length has also increased more than my erect length. However, the other day I was using a constrictor/clamp device for girth exercise, and I measured my erect length with it on and noticed it was at or even just above my flaccid length. Perhaps during the lengthening process it is harder to fill the unit up with blood, achieving a full erection. Just a guess.


I had the same experience as Xtroop when I had a growth spurt. It only took a few weeks for EL to catch on, but it didn’t gain the same amount as Flaccid gain (maybe 60%). I’m guessing that the CC needs time to remodel to the new tunica shape. A bit like blowing up a round baloon in a long cylinder (except that er… the balloon thingy is kinda clever and organic and grows into its new home kinda thing.

Guys, dont be so preoccupied about this BS, enjoy life, find a woman, love her, remain beside her if your feel indeed happy, joyful, free…….

You are in PE, so don´t worry, your dick wont perform admirably good, you have size above middle. (pardon my English if I do commit mistakes). Again, be happy, make it the goal of your life.

Sorry, I meant yr dick will perform admirably well.

Big71, your point is valid, but I wouldn’t call it BS,,,,,,,,, I find PE to be a science, and the only way it will ever be an exact science is through trial and error, and question after question, experiment after experiment! This place is where you vent your sex life frustrations by interacting and identifying with other members and what I mean by that is there are forums like in Life Love and Fantasies for that here at Thundersplace.. But also the sharing of Penis Enlargement excercise also relieves your stress and gives you hope, and not everyones goal is to have just one woman. I’m not flaming you, it is great to have you here on the board.


Don’t you love his enthusiasm!! I know exactly how he feels when I started to get my old woodies back and then, holy shit, my prick started to grow in the process!! I never lost any length or girth from the aging process and then, viagra be damned!!

I went to the club last night for my daily swim. Willy was hanging just as pretty as can be—if you can call a cock pretty—8” x 6”. I was proud as hell!! A toy, as Big61 terms it. I don’t know about that. You’d have to ask my lady.

But the confidence and the joy I have gained from PE is what Big71 is talking about, I do believe.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


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