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one month no gain

one month no gain

I have been jelqing for a month now.
I startet with 20 minutes the first week. 5 days a week. The next week 30 minutes.
The 3rd week I did 300 jelqs and 5 second Kegel followed by a 60 second reverse kegel in an upward stretching position in 5 sets.
The 4th week I did 400 jelqs…

I see people getting gain every months, but I got no gain at all this first months. Is there any other excersises I can do?

My LOT is 8:00

Flaccid bone press length: 4.0
Erected bone press length 6.2
GIRTH flaccid 3.9
GIRTH erected 4.8

Hi estigma

don’t worry about it. I also got my first gains in the second month and nothing in the first.
Stick to your work and be patient which is pretty tough sometimes:)



Are you only jelqing?

Who is your penis after jelqing? Much bigger or reduced in size? When you jelq are you at a good erection (60% say) and do you trap enough blood with the stroke to feel the penis expanding. How long do your jelq strokes last? Which direction do you jelq in with the penis facing up to the ceiling, down to the floor or both?

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memento: It is much bigger in size afterward. The head is like a baloon. I got about 70% erection. The strokes last about 3 seconds. I think I got enough blood, cuz my head gets that big that its pressing and getting real hard. And my stroks are hard… I jelqed first with the penis downward, but the last 2 weeks upward cuz I jelq with an bigger erection…

Ok, if you are not stretching its probably a good idea to stretch.

With a LOT of eight, probably the easiest gains to go for are lig gains. Jelqing upwards will be hitting your tunica a lot but not the ligs.

Add 10-20 minutes of stretching in a downward direction, below your LOT. I’d suggest the BTC or straight down would be best. BTC are easier in a standing position but straight down you should be able to manage sitting on the edge of a chair. Try to stretch with a straight arm if possible so that you can hold a stretch effectively.

It sounds like your jelqing is having good effect but even so I would consider cutting back. I think a lot of people jelq for extended periods when they can do the same work in 15-20 minutes (excluding warmup). Try to jelq overhand in a downward direction or a lower level some of the time, this will turn your jelqing session into a lig pulling exercise too. If you can end strokes in a small stretch too this will also help.

If the head is ballooning way beyond the shaft size are you allowing the erection to subside too much before correcting it? A three second stroke is good and if you are starting the stroke as close to the body as possible you’re doing everything right. If you finish stroke with a slight stretch you can also gain more penis to jelq with because the penis is pulled out when you attach the second had at the base. Its also worth experimenting with the rotation of your grip, to see what works and what doesn’t and to work the whole shaft more evenly.

AndreasF gave some good advice. Gains will often not show on the ruler immediately, sometimes you may even lose a bit prior to gaining. It tends to be a process of steps rather than a continuous curve and if you are measuring frequently its easy to become disenchanted.

If another month goes by and you see no results its probably worth considering adding some intense stretching and maybe even some tentative squeezes but don’t worry about that now. At this stage if you are taking care to avoid injury whilst working hard that is the best bet, you’re penis probably has a lot of conditioning to do yet.

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