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This is the first time that I have posted. I have read through this forum for about a year. Anyone have a routine where they made great gains? I looked at the routine that is given in the newbie section. I don’t feel that it utilizes all the exercises. Anyone have any suggestions?

Originally Posted by thenewmarine

I looked at the routine that is given in the newbie section. I don’t feel that it utilizes all the exercises.

Cause some of the other exercises are for advanced users with conditioned cocks.

Want to jump in full blast, no one can stop you. It’s too easy to hurt your dick. Believe me on this!

so how long do you think I should stay on the newbie routine for?

Stay in the newbie routine about a month, and in the last week, try to get in your routine some of the Advanced excercises, slow and easy, and youll be all set to go in a month and a half-2 months. :)


I’d stick with the n00b routine for at least 2 weeks. If you don’t have any problems,

then mix it up with longer sessions and more advanced maneuvers..gradually



In the first two months of the newbie routine you will probably find that adding the intense girth workouts are counterproductive, maybe to the point of injury. Your dick needs conditioning and you brain needs conditioning to know how much you can take.

When you start any new exercise its probably best to start slowly and gradually ramp it up. Certain exercises are easier and less likely to cause injury (Uli#3, Sadsak Head Exercise) others like the Horse440 or the Sadsak Slinky seem more likely to cause injury if attempted early on.

In the end PE is often about finding the correct amount of pressure/stress for your penis, too little means no gains and too much risks injury. Only you can judge.

Listen to memento. You can’t go wrong with that advice in my opinion. And don’t stick with the newbie routine for only two weeks (as suggested by Ulcaster above). If you read the guide lines to it you will find that one is supposed to ease into it for a period of 6 weeks.

And one final thing, in PE less can actually be more and remember at all times that you’ve only got one dick and that this dick is going to last a life time. If you break it, well, worst case senario is you might never be able to use it again.

Good luck and keep it safe. :wave:

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Marine, I just started PE at the beginning of April. As with any routine, warming up is probably key to your success - just like any exercise. I make damn sure to warm up for at least 5-10 solid minutes before doing my routine and just like lifting/running/any other exercise you do, it definitley helps minimize soreness and injury. My newbie routine is compact but tough. I use the 5 minutes of stretching time at the beginning to try some of the advanced stretches - rather than just sticking to the typical newbie stretch. That’s just how I mix it up. I am definitely seeing gains after only one month - but, keep in mind, I didn’t measure before this - my gains are strictly visual at the moment. I’m pretty sure I know my body well enough to know when something has changed. I assure you, my dick is definitely getting bigger - I’m willing to put money on it. May is measure month for me - for my dick size, and my full body workouts that I’ve been doing every morning starting at 5 A.M. Be concise, work hard, you will get out what you put in. Simple as that.

I agree with Lance that less can be more. A solid 30 minute workout done properly with the right intensity blows an hour of crap out of the water.

Good luck, work hard, play hard, and don’t give up man!



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March 2003 5.7" EBPL 5.0" EG

Currently 7.7" EBPL 5.1" EG

Goal 8.0" EBPL 6.0" EG

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