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Routine questions

Routine questions

OK so I’m not really a newbie, but have been a member of this site for a while without posting and mainly post at mattersofsize, so here we go..

I have done PE on and off for several years, but have never had the willpower to stick with it for more than a month before stopping and starting again in a completely different way(story of my life, but hey.). However, if I just do the simplest routine possible I think I might be able to stick with it. I’m about 8” BP, and 5.5” around, so I am not in search of massive gains, but would love an extra .5” girth. I have heard that girth work can often lead to small length gains as well, after all, the if the wet jelq is meant to be one of the fundamental exercises, why can’t the dry jelq do a bit for both girth and length?

My question therefore is, will doing 20 minutes of dry jelqs a day, and nothing else, increase my girth (and possibly to a lesser extent, length) over time? In doing this I will also be getting a slight PC workout because I try to hold the blood in after each stroke by kegeling, so thats about 400 or so PC flexes.


It’s certainly possible, but you need to tackle your willpower problem for PE to be of serious benefit. Throw in some stretches to warm up and see how you get on.

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Hi Fredski - what prevents you from going for more than 1 month? Not seeing gains? Getting bored?

Perhaps PE isn’t important enough to you to stick with it.

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You know the normal kind of thing, missing one day cos I go stay with a mate or something, or am out all day, and then it kind of fizzles out. I think I can stick with it if it’s just 20 minutes or so a day. Maybe what might be a good idea is setting a particular time of day to do it instead of just sometime during that day.

The one thing that really annoys me about PE is manual stretching. I simply can’t stay flaccid during it, and even wanking beforehand doesn’t really help. However, I’m not massively concerned about length so that isn’t so important. It might be nice to get to 8” NBP, which is about another .5”, but I’d mainly like to get to the elusive 6” girth.

I will try making a better routine, but in case I don’t succeed and manage nothing more than 20 mins dry jelqing a day, would I be likely to see any gains, or is that simply not enough? I’ve never really gained from PE (well maybe .25” in length but that could have been natural growth), so it might come easy if I stick with it, or I could simply be a hard gainer.

I find that sticking with anything for any length of time (not just PE) eventually comes down to routine. I think you’re right - you need a specific time if, like me, you’re undisciplined.

A gym I used to go to was on my journey home from work. All I needed to do was go straight on at a traffic island and it was on the other side. Turning left at this same island took me home. So, after working late until 7-8pm most nights, I’d drive home and approaching the island I’d be thinking ‘to the gym and a gruelling workout, or turn left and home to a good meal and a comfy sofa?’ So often I turned left and home.

I eventually got over this by making a routine of driving straight on over the traffic island without thinking about training at all. And hey presto I’d find myself at the gym. It worked for me by making it an unquestionable part of my routine.

You might want to consider doing the same. For instance, every time you shower you could jelq. What would stop you? And it wouldn’t take up too much more time and it would fit in with your routine.

Hope this helped.

01/OCT/2007: BPEPL: 7.00, Base Girth 5, Mid G: 4.5, Under glans G: 4.25.

01/NOV/2007: BPEPL: 7.25, Base Girth: 5.25, Mid G: 4.75, Under glans G: 4.50.

Ultimate goal: 8" x 6"

Yeah that’s helpful, useful in showing the importance of discipline. Yet if I somehow didn’t manage to do this (the shower curtain in the cubicle in the halls of residence where I live doesn’t cover the entire opening all the time!), do you I think I would just be wasting my time on only 20 minutes, or might I gain .5” girth after a while?

I can’t really think of any other girth exercises other than various holds and ulis and stuff (which I mix into the dry jelqs anyway), other than clamping, which I would do as it requires minimal effort. (Don’t worry I have experience with clamping (nothing extreme), as I have been doing PE on and off for 3 years, and it seemed to give me a nice pump, but there is nowhere around here that sells cable clamps, so that is more difficult.

Does anyone else have the same problem as me with flaccid stretching, in that they become hard very quickly which really interrupts the flow of the routine, as you have to wait for it to go down, and then you forget how many minutes you’ve done etc. Etc.? Anything that has worked for you?

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