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Questions on a beginning routine

Here is my routine as a newbie (1st week) and tell me if there is anything to add and/or where to go from here.

1. wrap with hot wash cloth 5 min.
2. stretch out, down, left, right. 2 min. each.
3. wet Jelq 20 min.
4. stretch as above 1 min each
5 hot wrap again 5 min.

Also, I try to give a quick stretch after each urination
and about 3min in the pm.

Thanks for any insight.

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I moved your post here because you will get a more varied response than just my own. If you are going to change your routine (or are considering changing your routine) based on the advice of someone else, you should get advice from more than one person. Your routine sounds good to me. I would perhaps suggest more stretching in the PM than you are currently doing, but other than that it looks great. You might want to repeat your routine as a PM session without the Jelqs. Stick with it and track your progress. That way if/when your gains slow, you will know to increase the intensity and/or duration of your routine.

By the way - I noticed this is your first post, so welcome aboard. :)

New to the place? Start here.

This is me in case you ever want to know what kind of psycho you're dealing with.

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Welcome to Thunders.

I agree with soon2b9, for starting out your routine looks good.

Remember it’s probably better to start easy and work your way into it, so you reduce the (minor) risk of injury.

And as s2b9, suggested perhaps more stretching as soon as you feel you are ready. Either with your regular routine or in the PM.

Are you holding the stretch for 2 minutes at a time? Man My shoulders/arms/grip would get tired doing that, I can only go for about a minute or a little over with a 15 - 20 second rest, and I’ve had to incorporate some fulcrum help from my other arm to go that long. You must have some strength.

Good luck with your routine and welcome.

Oh, and definitely keep a record, it really helps.

Man, I guess I just parroted everything stb9 said- hmmm he must be very wise.

Thanks for the quick reponses. Right now my flaccid is hanging a little better, but I imagine that is just because of the new activity. As far as strength, it doesnt’ take much when you don’t have far to pull (hehe)

Right now I am at 2” flaccid and 6” erect from the bone. I would like to add 2” to both numbers. I haven’t checked girth, but it is proportional to length and I would like to see similar growth.

Is that realistic within a year or less? I haven’t told my wife yet, and was hoping to just see if and when she starts to notice.

Thanks again for the advice,


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