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Routine Questions

Routine Questions

The other day when I was in the shower, I let the hot water warm me up so that I can do my PEing. I did basic manual stretching, jelqed with a palm down grip, and did a sadsak slinky after every 20. I did this until I got to a count of 120. It must have been about 3-4 seconds per stroke. My next sessions I skipped my warm up and just did basic manual stretching and jelqed. Only this time the strokes lasted about 5-7 seconds, and went up to 100. Sometimes I only go to about 70 when I do this, but I got the same results.

What do you guys do? Do you guys follow the routine of 300-500, and if so, how long do you time your strokes? Sometimes I’ll have great gains and other times I won’t. For my routine, I PE every other day now. Starting off with manual stretching followed by jelqing, nothing fancy. I read a statement from someone where they said they did 200 strokes in 10 minutes, but it takes me an hour to do 100. Am I doing something wrong?

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You stay in the shower for an hour?’

Let’s do math. 200 strokes at three seconds each (the “recommended” stroke time) is 600 seconds. Divide that by 60 seconds per minute and you get 10 minutes. Sounds right to me.

What “results” are you seeing after each session? A more plumped penis is normal, but you can’t count that as “gains.” Gains are measured with a ruler, preferably ‘bone pressed,’ and are done monthly or weekly. Most guys can’t tell they have a gain from session to session.

Some people use a warmup, some don’t. Many do their routine daily and don’t take days off. Why not try it one way for a couple weeks and then measure. If you have gains, then that’s a good routine for you. If you don’t, then try it another way (longer strokes, more strokes, less strokes, no warmup, whatever) for another two weeks. If that gets you gains, then stick with it.

PE is an individualized thing. There’s a standard way of getting started (simple jelqs and manual stretches) that can be broadened with other things when your penis is used to being worked on. We have members who got gains from only the basic methods. We see so many new guys come and practically demand that we give them a “proven” routine and we just can’t do it. Everyone’s penis is different and responds differently to the various exercises. You have to try things on your own, see if they work, and change them if they don’t. In the end, once you find the right combination of moves, you’ll see gains.

Hey Tragedy,

PE is so personalized. The reason for this site is to learn technical aspects, techniques, and what has worked for different people (as well as giving and receiving support and encouragement). When it comes to producing gains, only you can figure out what works for you. You just need to start learning your body and how it responds in different situations and to different exercises. No one can make that determination for you. The advice that most will give you is, if you are making gains, stick with what you are doing. If you aren’t making gains, switch something up, change the routine a bit. I would advise to always warm up first, but again not everyone agrees with that statement. Again, if you see gains don’t change.


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