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Questions about warm wrap and the PE routine.

Questions about warm wrap and the PE routine.

Okay, my current workout is 5 mins of warm washclothe warped around my penis before and after the main routine.

If you don’t use any type of warm up routine similar to this will you still get results ? Also would putting your penis in warm water for 5 minutes do the trick also ?


It depends on the person you’re talking about. Some people don’t warm up and have done very well. I reckon I could gain fine without the heat, but I’ve given myself some discolouration from laziness in the past.

My advice, warm up before, and at intervals during your session if possible. The warm washcloth is good, as is total submersion.

I also recommend electric heat pads, and microwave devices like flax seed bags and rice socks.

My Warmup Method

Hey MonkeyDude, I used to skip on the warm ups/downs, and now I have bad discoloration! So I started using the wash clothes too, what a mess and hassle! Plus, it doesn’t seem to work that well.

The best way I have found to warm up and down is to use a glass jar, fill it about 3/4 or more full with hot tap water, then put your penis in the jar and press the jar firmly against your body. Then tilt the jar upward slightly so any trapped air raises to the top, leaving your member submerged. (I have a towel handy to put under the jar to catch any drips). Hold for about three minutes.

With practice, you will know how much water to put in the jar so that the volume of your penis displaces most of the airspace.

I have adjusted my water heater so the water is very hot, but not scalding, but I believe it is over 115 degrees (F) at the faucet. I just let the water run for a few minutes, then fill the jar.

I suggest you get it as hot as you can stand without injury. WARNING: Water temperatures greater than 120 degrees (F), can scald you! Experiment, but be careful!

I also found the warm wrap to be somewhat messy (and who wanna slip on a wet tile floor?).

I found the ricefilled sock to be perfect. Fill a sock with rice (not cooked). Tie a knot on it. Heat in microwave oven (I give mine just about 30 secs, but it depends on the amount of rice and microwave oven). Reusable and clean.

If you store it under a towel or blanket while doing your routine (that is if you don’t have a 40-45 min routine), is there sufficient heat left in it to warm down after your routine.
Of course, the wife knowing about PE makes things a lot easier. No silly questions about what you were cooking, and the wife found the sock perfect for loosening up cramped muscles in her neck.

Kind regards TT

I don’t know if it’s the best method since it’s not moist, but heat pads have worked great for me. They are quick, clean, and you can leave them on to get immediate heat after your workouts. Actually you can get heat pads that provide moist heat, I recently got one but I don’t feel the difference. I think you should just look at it like it’s a small price to pay to be sure you’re doing everything to maximize gains, avoid discoloration, and injuries than to wonder later in regret if something does happen. I’m sure you can still gain if you don’t warmup but it’s like working out, sure you can get stronger and bigger if you don’t warmup or stretch but you put yourself at a greater risk for injuries.

I’ve been using my heat pad for a couple of days and have had no red spots, even when pumping up to 6-7 in/Hg.

I think a hot shower is one of the better methods.


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