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--Various questions from a newb, routine and measurements--

--Various questions from a newb, routine and measurements--

hello, im new here so please forgive my ignorance. i did do some reading (FAQ, Glossary, and various posts), but this is a lot of info to suck up in one day so it will take a tad to learn it all.

i dont know exactly what all the measurements are, but ill start off. resting a ruler on the top of my penis, from the base to tip, my penis is 7 inches long. next, i am uncircumsised (which seems to be a positive after reading some). i do not know my “girth”, because i do not know how to measure it. in the end though, i would like to make it to at least 8.5 inches long. last, i would like to do this as naturally as possible (no hanging or pumps).

onto the questions.

for the Newbie routine, i am trying to do PE in stealth. may i substitue “hot wraps” by performing these exercises in the shower (hold it under hot water to warm up). also, which stretches do u suggest.

last, i have looked up this stuff before, and tryed Jelqing. but i did not get results that i was hoping for. it may be i was doing them wrong. if i get a full erection, should i back off and let it subside and then continue? how long should i wait till results?

this is all i can think of now, and i dont wanna make a huge post. thank u all very much :)

ps: when i tried jelqing, i did not get any enlargement, but there was an awkward side effect. it seemed that i would come much quicker. i wouldn’t feel much pleasure for about 4 minutes, then all of a sudden i would have to come. it usually takes me quite some time to come (when masturbating), but this was awkward. after stopping the exercises, everything (timing) returned to normal. does this happen to u?

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>For the Newbie routine, I am trying to do PE in stealth. May I substitute “hot wraps” by performing these exercises in the shower (hold it under hot water to warm up). also, which stretches do you suggest.<

Some people jelq in the shower, some people don’t even bother to hot wrap. I’ve tried it many different ways and I must say that a warm wet wash cloth seems to provide the best solution to hot wrap. If you are not managing to get a decent hot wrap, start off a jelqing session gradually, using the first few minutes to prepare the tissue.

>If I get a full erection, should I back off and let it subside and then continue? How long should I wait till results <
Yes don’t jelq fully erect, aim for 70% or so to start with. Higher erection levels should effect girth more. PE is about continuity, if you are willing to put in two years or more consistently you’ll see good results, if you don’t see any results after a consistent routine for 3 months something is very wrong with your routine. Good measurement is an important key in gauging results.

In regard to jelqing side effects, no that didn’t happen to me. Maybe you need to do it for long enough to actually get used to it, sex should improve if anything with jelqing and kegels.

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Thanks, Memento. Another question, what other benefits, other than preparing the penis for exercise and helping remove discoloration, does wrapping have?

Also, would three sets of 20 kegels, spread throughout the day, be good enough? Or is it better to do the 50 as suggested in the newbie routine? Thank you again :)

>Another question, what other benefits, other than preparing the penis for exercise and helping remove discoloration, does wrapping have? <
Wrapping and ‘warm/hot wraps’ are two different things. The former is used for discoloration and normally involves the use of elasticated material around the base, the latter provides a good preperation for excercises, increasing the elasticity of the penis and often preventing injury.

On the kegel side of things: The BC muscle is just that a muscle, so body-building knowledge comes into play for some members, who are generally of the opinion that going for the burn is a good thing but rest is also good.

Never having been a body builder myself I tend to think of it more in the manner I do walking, where a good brisk walk keeps the body in trim and defined but doesn’t add on excess muscle beyond that which is needed. From that perspective I think that whatever you do as long as it is fairly consistent should show results. Kegel in your car, kegel when you are sitting, standing or simply bored.

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Does there come a point at which you must switch up the kind of stretches you are doing? As in girth vs. length, or having to switch the kinds of stretches you do for both girth and length?

Please answer, this thread has been up for a while :( .

Another question, which exercises stretch the ligs, and which stretch the tunica? Also, how do you measure girth (take a string and wrap it around, then measure the string)?

Last, I have slight curvature (downward) which i would like to fix. It’s a mix between slight curvature, and extra girth (expands on the bottom part of my penis). In any case, what can be done to make my penis (near) perfectly straight? Thank you :)

Forgot to ask, what is the purpose of the jelq? Is it to force more blood into the upper portion of the penis, or to stretch it out?


I have a slight upward curvature. After much jelqing (years) in the downward direction I have less curve. I suspect if you jelq upwards, a similar effect will be noticed. As far as measuring girth, your answer to yourself was exactly how I do it. Use a string, then measure that. In general, I use an exercise as long as I am getting results from it. When results end, I switch exercises. I figure it takes me 3 months to really be able to judge the effectiveness of any exercise, so in your case - I would do what you are doing for three months. If it is giving results then, I would keep doing it. If not, try something else for the next three months. And during those three months, read everything here at Thunders. See what works for others, and what does not. Make the search button your best friend.

I have gotten good gains from jelqing. I still jelq daily. I imagine, if I stop all other PE once I am the guy with the biggest dick on earth, I will still jelq every day. It took a long time before the first gains came, and I suspect it was a result of some small change I made in the routine (but that for some reason can no longer remember). Oh, yes, I have it - the gains first came when I slowed my jelqs down to 3-5 seconds each and cut my time back to 20 minutes a day. It seems everyone reacts differently to the exercises, so what works for you will not always (or even often) be what works for others. This stuff works. Persevere. Believe it works, and make it work for you. Do not accept failure. If it is not working, change the routine. Succeed. If I can do it, you can right? Just master patience and perseverance. And always listen to Memento…

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I’ve tried the search, but didn’t find exactly what I was looking for. I do not know the difference between the lig and the tunica stretches. Are there difference stretches, or is it simply the direction (upwards or downwards) in which you stretch which determines what you stretch?

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