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Rentor's kegel thoughts.

Rentor's kegel thoughts.

Hi all, hope you all are having great gains.
My english is not great (swedish), so sorry for misspelling.

I read alot about people doing kegels almost everyday or when they feel like it.

My theory is that you should do kegels like you workout any other muscle.
Workout then rest.

My theory is also that if you do too many and too often you will actually get a smaller erection, why?

When you train a muscle, you are actually breaking it down.
Then you need to add carbs and proteins to stimulate growth.

It’s common knowledge that if you workout your biceps everyday you will end up having no biceps at all.
Why? You have to rest and stimulate growth. Or else you are just breaking it down.

My routine is:

1. Hold for 10 seconds as hard as you can then rest for 10 seconds. Do this 10 times.

2. Hold for 30 seconds, then rest 30 seconds. To this 5 times

3. Hold for 1 second, then rest 1 second. Do 1 minute.

Then I make sure to eat or take a protein-shake.
Then I rest for 1 day. I do this mon, wed, fri.

I’m telling you, my erections are harder than ever.
Of course add seconds when the routine is to light.

Just a thought..


Actually many lifters gain quite well lifting almost every day. However, they typically do not go balls to the wall, but focus on perfection and execution. I’m experimenting with a lifting variation like that (a little Pavel anyone?) and am finding the best results of my life deadlifting 4-6 days a week for example. This goes against “common knowledge” to many, but certainly works.

It sounds like your program works for you, so thanks for sharing! It’s quick, easy to memorize, and easy to do!


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Originally Posted by UberGoober
Actually many lifters gain quite well lifting almost every day. However, they typically do not go balls to the wall, but focus on perfection and execution.

Certainly not the same muscle group every day.

Big Jim Williams, one of the greatest bench pressers of all time, would often bench 5 times per week. However, his volume and reps per set were low each day. Also, he wasn’t seeking ultimate mass, even though he was a huge guy. Rather, he sought maximum strength, so training daily enhanced his nervous system’s response to the movement. In addition, there is a school of thought that supports training each muscle group several times per week, through different rep schemes and varying rest periods, as a way to enhance mass development. Leo Costa’s training methods and the popular doggcrapp training system advocate such a plan.

I agree with doing more than one time per week, I was just disagreeing with the every single day part. Although it seems there are instances where it would work, as with the example you gave.

I have been doing Barbara Keeslings kegel routine for more than 6 months now, which is very similar as yours. For further information see here:How to perform the kegels.

I agree that it’s not good to overdo kegels. When I do kegels 1 day on 1 day off I can really feel the squeeze better. But on my off days I do a couple of them throughout the day, just to feel them.

Originally Posted by Chicken

I agree that it’s not good to overdo kegels.

I’m curious - are here some guys who can prove that they over trained BC muscle?

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