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Thought's PE-Brain Development Theory


Thought's PE-Brain Development Theory

I posted this at another forum. Perhaps somebody here will find it useful.
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Thought’s PE-Brain Development Theory

As you all know, and it has become cliché “the mind is a powerful thing”. My research focus was on how to feed the brain information required for mind control in relation to PE. It is important to have an open-mind about this. Do not be too quick to dismiss this integral part of PE. The mind is very powerful; do not underestimate it.

A Starting Point:

For the first 3-4 days you want to create a healthy positive image of your penis. No matter if you think you already do, this is a great starting point to solidify your attitude towards it.

How to:

This is quite simple. Just speak, think, and read the following affirmation:

“I love my penis”

Do this anytime, anywhere.

If you are not familiar with affirmations, they are basically statements that you want your mind to acknowledge and truly take its form. It does not matter if you hate your penis right now, by doing this simple affirmation, you will begin to love your penis.

It is a simple yet powerful process that is the basis of this whole theory. You want to ingrain your subconscious with specific words, thoughts, and images for enhanced and effective PE.

Affirmation Development:

Develop Positive Affirmations for all Things PE:

Just like “I love my penis”, you want to create affirmations regarding the growth of your penis.

For example:

“My penis is getting bigger and longer and thicker every day; I gain fast and with ease.”

By using the same underlying principles as “I love my penis”, you want to force the subconscious to actively help in the growth process.

Another example:

“My penis grows extremely fast! I am a fast gainer!”

How to:

Just like “I love my penis”, you want to repeat affirmations throughout your day, during free time, any free time you have.

For example: I have MPIGBALATED IGFAWE on my screensaver on my home computer. It is set to turn on when the PC is idle for 60 seconds. The reason for initials instead of the words is for privacy reasons, of course.

Create flashcards to keep in your back pocket. This will help remind you and you can have a list of affirmations to run through during downtime.

Say your affirmations with enthusiasm (in privacy of course, unless you are really bold!)

Record affirmations on cassette tapes and compact disks and listen to them.
(More on this later)

Get a piece of scrap paper and doodle MPIGBALATED IGFAWE.

Be creative; make it fun and enjoyable, not a chore.


“The brain cannot distinguish between what is real and what is imagined.”

“Seeing is believing”

These are common quotes in regards to visualization.

Just like all great athletes visualize their performance, visualization of PE performance is important too.

Twice or three times a day for up to 10 minutes: visualize doing the perfect jelq, stretch, etcetera along with a new enlarged penis at your desired goals.

During your routine: visualize the tissue stretching, expanding, and becoming engorged. See the ligaments stretching. With your minds eye, see your penis getting bigger with each and every repetition.

How to: (4 step procedure)

Step 1: Visualize yourself already at your goal.

Sit down in a comfortable and upright position. Now relax. Do some deep breathing for 30 seconds or so. Tense your muscles and relax them. Now get a big erection (mentally) and see the massive penis you have always dreamed of having. See it, feel it, believe it! Feel the euphoria of finally reaching your goal and how amazing it looks and feels. Visualizing yourself screaming “YES! I DID IT! AWESOME!” or whatever you might say in such exuberance.

Step 2: Visualizing how you achieved your goals:

Visualize yourself in the midst of your routine. You can see you bottle of lube next to you and all other materials. You are tuned in and very focussed. See yourself performing your exercises perfectly. Do it in real time, whereby if it takes you in reality 3 seconds for a jelq then visualize a 3 second jelq. Visualize the enlargement as described above. Do this for a couple minutes.

Step 3: Put your penis into action!

Visualize the bulge in your pants, the gleeful stares you get from others. See yourself with another and he/she drops their jaw in amazement of your wonderful sculpture. Use it. Let your fantasies go wild. Hear the screams. Feel the excitement and immense confidence you now have.

Step 4: End of Visualization Affirmation:

After you are finished your visualization session, say with concentration and earnestness “Let everything happen in a harmonious and favourable way, for all involved”. Recite it. Remember it. Use it.

Sound Bites:

Get a tape recorder and record positive affirmations such as “Every day my penis is gaining in erect length and girth” and then listen to them whenever, wherever.

You could even record onto your computer and create a CD or just play it on the computer.

Record your affirmations in 4-second intervals whereby your affirmation lasts 4 seconds and there is a pause for 4 seconds. This helps to register what you hear, in your subconscious. Play baroque music in the background for optimal retention.

The prime times to listen are before, during, and right after your PE sessions. This should help you focus on the task at hand and help channel out other emotional distractions.

Of course it will take some practice to listen to your recording while visualizing and performing your PE exercises, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes second nature.

I suggest playing it on low, yet still audible as to prevent interference and also for privacy reasons.

To maintain the proper level of erection, you may want to split the time of visualizing quality exercises and visualizing/watching stimulating images.

Light in the Dark:

Here is something a bit radical and one might question its validity.

You make a sign/poster with something like “8x6” or “9 inches” and you post it to your wall at night. You need a flashlight handy. Set your alarm for the middle of the night some time and when it goes off, flash the light onto the poster. You do this 3 times.
You flash it briefly then wait 2 seconds and flash the light again. Then go back to sleep.

If you naturally wake during the night, like I do, then you do not need to bother with setting the alarm; thus making this relatively effortless.

What this does is flash the message onto your subconscious at a very vulnerable time (upon awakening).

This obviously would be difficult if your light flashing disturbs others.

Lucid Dreaming:

Something else to do during your sleep time is learn how to become lucid while dreaming. Lucid dreaming is basically realizing you are dreaming and controlling your dreams however you like.

With lucid dreaming you can create your desired penis size, see it grow before your eyes, and put it into action.

This is just another thing you can do to help engage your mind more into the PE process.

How to lucid dream:

This basically requires teaching yourself to do regular checks throughout the day to determine if you are dreaming or not. Common things to do is stare at your hands, look at clocks to see if they keep their time, and perhaps even try flying.

You must also keep a dream log. Write down your dreams upon awakening. Eventually you will notice common themes, objects, and people within your dreams, which are called dream signs. This will help trigger if you are dreaming.

You can also use affirmations such as “I instantly know when I am dreaming” and “I will remember all of my dreams upon awakening” to help in the process of this fascinating adventure.

Research this topic in more detail and enter a journey of an unparallel universe.

Pillow Talk:

I am going to suggest you hide something underneath your pillow. No teeth required.
Write down your goal on a piece of cardboard and put it under your pillow. Sounds corny, but your subconscious knows it is there and that is all that matters.

Commander Talk:

Also when retiring for the night, command your penis to grow. Say “I command my penis to grow bigger and longer and thicker overnight!” or something to that effect. You are commanding your subconscious to work with you. It is simple. Do it.


Your beliefs are very important. It is imperative that you believe you will gain, gain fast, and gain with ease. It is all a matter of changing or enhancing your current thought processes.

A Variety of Affirmations:

My penis is getting bigger and longer and thicker every day.

I gain fast and with ease.

With every jelq, the cells in my penis get bigger, stretched out, engorged, larger than ever before.

My tunica stretches with ease.

My ligaments stretch easily and lengthen nicely.

My corpus cavernosa stretches and expands with ease.

Everyday my penis is gaining in erect length and girth.

My penis is now growing thicker, longer, and harder in a perfect way.

I love my penis.

I absolutely love my penis.

My penis grows extremely fast.

My penis heals fast and in a bigger state.

I have complete control over my penis.

I have rock-hard erections.

My penis grows with complete ease.

I perform my penis enlargement exercises perfectly and my penis grows fast because of this.

I am a fast gainer.

My penis is growing, right now!

Other Points of Interest:

Visualize with every affirmation and have color.

Constantly have the vision of your goal.

Smile and say your affirmations enthusiastically.

It can take up to 6 weeks for visualization to kick into full gear.

Thank your spiritual leader for your gains and ask for strength to continue your journey.

Say your affirmations s-l-o-w-l-y.

Understand the principles of karma: what you give out, you get back. Help others on their journey and be happy for them.

Make affirmations into a song and sing or hum it. Sing: “It Grows” to the tune “She Bangs”. Be silly. Have fun. Do it.

Enhance visualization by image streaming: describe your mental impressions and images out loud. This can be extremely effective in engraining images onto your brain.

Have memory aids. Have things that remind you of your goals. I use two toilet paper rolls taped together and have them positioned around the home and at work. Have flashcards in your back pocket. Set your screensaver to scroll affirmations across the screen. Use your imagination.

Try creating a collage of your desired outcome. This can be a fun and creative way to use your imagination.

Always feed the brain high-quality thoughts. Eliminate the negative ones. Your body is constantly changing according to your predominant thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. Continuously use positive affirmations in everything you do. Ex: “Today is going to be a great day!” and “I love my work”.

Release old emotions by revisiting them mentally and analyzing objectively. Do it. This will help your overall mentality. A clear mind free of past worries, embarrassments, regrets and troubles will have a tremendous impact on you. This in-turn will help in the overall PE-mentality.

Forgive others and never judge another. It hurts them and you two-fold. Every cell in your body contains certain ions that easily transform with your thoughts. Harmful thoughts harm these cells.

Play a game whereby you fantasize about having the penis size of your dreams. Write down all the great things that come with having it. This will help with motivation while encompassing visualization and you can also have a fun time doing it.


This is not exactly new stuff, however, it has not been studied much in the past in relation to PE. This takes time but the rewards are worth it. A solid mind-body connection can have an immense impact on your PE journey. I propose that if one fully engages in this, he will be able to break out of plateaus, prevent plateaus, consistently achieve above average gains, and become a much more positive person in the process. Enjoy the journey and have fun.

Thought Pro



Where would I be without PE?

It’s just too much to think about.

By the time I did all that I’d go limp. But food for thought nonetheless!!!

I think it works to be positive. If you feel negatively about PE and think its no longer working, or wasn’t working to begin with, then you won’t want to put as much effort in, either for fear of failure or feeling stupid for half believing it in the first place (if you weren’t sure it could work). Similar if you feel indifferently about it.

If you go into it agreeing you could gain an inch or more then you are more likely to want to stick to a good routine and follow it to the letter, even adding new variations and really pushing yourself (within the borders of safety! :p ) to reach your goal.

It draws yet another parallel with bodybuilding. You need encouragement to carry on, usually from others but also from yourself. With PE often being a lot more private, usually only you can offer encouragement to yourself.

Just my (positive) thoughts on positive thinking! :D

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Ideal: ASAP: 8+" BPEL x 5.5+" EG & 6.5+" head But will continue if the going is good!!

I love my penis.

Positive thought is essential. Negative thought (i.e. being unhappy with my size) gave me poor erections.

Good thread.

I tried it, I don’t like thinking. Maybe that’s why your Thought Pro and I’m Thought Amateur.

Don’t take this the wrong way but visualisation and subconcious thinking I believe is some twiddle they have for fillers in pay-pe sites. Of course it is important to have motivation, I doubt it will aid growth on a subconcious level. However, it will give someone optimism and prevent them from turning to the demon of lethargy. It doesn’t have to be extreme visualisation as for me personally I find it counter-productive as it gives me more illusion then reality. I can’t remember the point that my penis grew 6/13th of an inch in the span of 2 months, it is because I am so use to the idea of seeing my penis bigger in my head that I am conditioned day and night to always think that penis is the same despite the ruler saying otherwise. I think a happy person would be someone who is deconditioned to not think about his dick for like say a week (no masturbation either!) And maybe he measures a month later and is even more happier with his result then the guy who thought about his penis a third of each day, everyday and took at least 4 measurements every single day!. He will think he hasn’t grown and that his previous measurements was because he measured more liberally then he does now.

It’s a tricky subject to touch, visualisation works for some but it can be devastating for others. It’s like someone who is under average in height believing he is tall. “I am not small” these mantras may make you feel good about yourself or bad depending on your suggestability. It’s a double edge sword, it either reminds you of your insecurities or makes you feel proud that you’re fighting them.

I think self-hypno therapy stays in the realms of appetite, smoking and depression as they’re real psychological problems there. I think the idea that beleiving you need a bigger dick will make you more depressed, it should be seen as ‘Im happy as I am, but it will be useful being a bigger size!’

To each his own

"One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star." Friedrich Nietzsche My Journey Start(march 24th 2005): 6.5"BPEL-5.0"EG. Now(Feb 1st 2006):7.5"BPEL-5.375"EG

A useful guide to anyone wanting a bigger penis. :up:

The mind’s role in P.E. is more important than the hand that touches the penis.

A worthy bump!!!

Indeed. Arnold Schwarzenegger used to visualize his biceps growing like mountains when he did curls and he said the visualization was a powerful tool in his training.

I think everyone who claims this stuff is garbage should at least try it first. The problem is that so many people are lazy or ingrained in their ways. If they’d actually just try something they might get a benefit from it! :)

I have tried some of those things and I didn’t notice any difference. Exercise, knowledge, discipline, consistency is whats working for me. But it makes me happy it has helped some people!

Originally Posted by ieatcats26

I think everyone who claims this stuff is garbage should at least try it first. The problem is that so many people are lazy or ingrained in their ways. If they’d actually just try something they might get a benefit from it! :)

I’m with you on that, bro! The brain is the most important sex organ in the human body. IMO.

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