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Redi-stretcher or bib hanger

Redi-stretcher or bib hanger

Hi I just want to start with hanging and want to buy a good hanger

Whitch one would you prefer, ore schould I buy both

If your dick is ready (ie - last 3 months minimum of constant PE) then I’d say the Redi-Stretcher.

Its stupidly easy to apply, and super fast to get off. Plus, no wrapping is a bonus.

Check out the relevant thread to each device, in the Review forum, and make your choice…

Its really a matter of personal preference

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I’ve got both - I tend to lean toward the BIB as for me it’s more comfortable, IMO.

I have both the Bib and the Redi. When I want to hang more than five pounds, with my unit anyway, I need the Bib. However, I use the Redi more. I have not used it to hang but five pounds, but now, I’ve rigged up at my computer desk which has four legs fanned. I’ve attached Bungee lengths to the two side legs and one to the center one. The two side Bungees I connect to the inner arms of the Redi. The center Bungee I hook on to the Redi cord.

There is a terrific pull that results and it can be tightened even more. You can feel the pull down the shaft into the fat pad and further. Now, I sit at my desk and wear the redi for three or four hours breaking ever 20 or 30 minutes. I’m hooked on the thing. No pun intended.

Naturally, I rigged up the kitchen table in the same manner and now pull through three meals a day.

Yes, I’ve noticed improvement in length.

I’m sure there are others out there who have rigged up such things. It might be interesting to hear about them.

I would think that if you’re going to PE, you should have both, since they are the top of the line.

I have made my decision gona buy the Redi-Stretcher, I am new to hanging

So I think this will be the best choices, if I am hooked to hanging than I will buy the bib to, wat I realy like is the design of the redi very easy and quality product thats wat we need those day’s, thanks TPS and the support here at Thunders.

Good Question. I was wondering the same thing.


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