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PE Expectations??


PE Expectations??

I was going to start this thread in the Main Member’s Forum and it may eventually be moved there (sorry Thunder and mods if it should be there instead of here). But really I wanted to focus on getting this to both the newbies and the more experienced members.

Let me explain the reasoning behind starting this post. I know for a lot of us the initial expectation is to grow a larger penis. But over the past month of my PEing my expectation has changed tremendously and really influence the vigor and determination in which I approach PE. I started like most on a quest for a larger sex stick, but have found over the past month tha my expectations of PE have turned from that, to over all “condition” and well being of my dick. Penile health is now much more important to me than size (don’t get me wrong, more size id definitely welcome). As I was reading posts today I noticed XL’s signature (which every one should take heed to) and it just got me to thinking what the real drive is behind PE and whether or not it affects the way you approach it on a daily basis. Then I thought what better way to make it personal than to ask you directly.

All it is is a simple question. You can answer it for yourself or you can chime in and leave a post.

What do you expect to gain from PE, and has it changed since you’ve begun?


First of all thank you for starting this thread I wanted to start something similar..

I definitely believe you have to be doing something for the right reasons for it to work to your benefit, and health is the best way to look at it, don’t get attached to getting growth results, be content that your working towards a healthier overall prostate health.

I started by just wanting it bigger but after reading how much you can exercise your cock and how it helps your sexual and prostate health, size doesn’t bother me, and guess what, IT GOT BIGGER. (From roughly 6 months on and off PE)

I can hold my juice for an unbelievable amount of time, I have so much of the juice some days ill spray 3 huge loads when usually I’m run out after one! I feel more in control when I’m satisfying a partner and just feel confident really.

I feel like you have to believe in what your doing also, if you doubt that it’s working it won’t work and thats for sure.

Don’t wait to see results to believe because that attitude defeats the whole purpose of the power of belief. (Sounds religious don’t it!? :) )

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Initially I was very, very skeptical of PE but I read about Jelqing and had to give it a shot. Like many, I had decent, not extraordinary, but decent gains at first. After about 6 months my gains started to diminish somewhat. I too have definitely become very interested in penis health. I will continue to work on my size goals using multiple techniques and devices. But, after I reach and cemet my goals I will definitely develop a maintenance routine in order to continue to PE as long as I can!

I was also real skeptical about the whole PE thing. But after doing it only a month or so I gained 1/4” of girth from Jelqing, and 1/8” of length from manual stretching. I wish that I would have gained more length. That is going to have to be my focus.

--------------------- December '05 Starting Bpel: 6.125" Starting Eg: 5.75" --------------------- Current Bpel: 6.25" Current Eg: 6.00" --------------------- Goal Bpel: 8" Goal Eg: 6.5" --------------------- Can you say pop can dick? Serenity now...insanity later.....


I started PE to regain my woodies. I didn’t even think about penis enlargement at the time. Within a month, I started to gain length and girth as well as harder and harder erections. So I guess after a month or two, I became interested in gaining more length and girth. (I got “hooked!!”) :D :

Now I’m just trying to maintain my gains without following such a rigourous routine.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


RTG, as you can see from the previous posts we are all experiencing a number of benefits from PE. I for one started with the sole purpose of getting a bigger unit, but I have found the many other benefits are just as valuable and important. Harder woodies, lasting longer, shooting stronger, who whould have known? I for one am a lifetime PE’er.


Started 10/1/04 Approaching 7x5, Going for 8x6


I’m willing to give PE a quarter hour a day, with an occasional hour workout, for the rest of my life, just to stay in shape, penis wise, that is. Besides it gives me such a psychological boost that it carries over into all areas of my life, not just my sex life. Whooohooooo!! :D :


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


Very interesting thread. I’ve been questioning my sanity a number of times lately. I started PE because I thought a larger penis somehow could help increase the frequency of having sex with my wife. She never complained or even hinted that I was too small, nor did any of the other girls I met before her. Everyone was perfectly happy with what I got. Yet, I thought a larger piece could not hurt, it was something concrete I could test to see if it helped. Some of you feel sorry for me having such ideas, don’t. I was just desperate.

After we dealt with the issues we had, completely unrelated to dick size, problem was solved. Like you HH I quickly saw the health benefits, which reinforced the original motive and later replaced it when our love life returned to normal. I needed more motivation to make me grow, though, a maintenance routine would probably be adequate for health purposes. I was receptive to signs of her enjoying sex better, and got them. I also appreciated the firmer grip and sensation, mainly because of the increased hardness but also from a little added girth. Recovery time after ejaculation went down to a couple of minutes, she love it. Great results I’d say.

However, I must be realistic of what to expect from further increases in size. There was a poll here at Thunder’s that attempts to probe for a relation between penis size and ability to get her to orgasm, no hands or helpers allowed as I understand it:


The results are interesting: penis size has nothing to do with her ability to enjoy the act of having sex, not even in the scenario of the good old in-and-out where at least I thought size mattered. It is all based on the data we have provided ourselves. If not size is involved at all, then it is just his technique, his ability to get her aroused, her feelings for him, and perhaps most importantly, her ability to orgasm just from penetration. Some women can, some cannot. I’ve been with many women that could, my wife can’t. Not that it matters very much but if she is able to orgasm easier it would mean less effort from my side. I’m lazy.

If the poll reflects reality, the value of penis size seems comparable to the size of a peacock’s tail feathers and other non-functional attributes of birds, just as suggested by Oden and his references to Dawkins in another thread.

This poll is discouraging for those of us thinking a bigger penis might enable the wife/gf to orgasm from penetration more easily. It will not keep me from trying of course, but my expectations should be lowered considerably.

From a rational point of view, the results should further diminish the value currently attached to penis size. When women say “size doesn’t matter” now we have even less reasons not to believe them. Maybe there are scientific research pointing in the same direction. If there is no such research done, it should be started immediately.

Are results like this good or bad? I’d say it is good for us all except the most well-endowed. Those of us that feel insecure because of perceived inadequacy in penis size now need to find the real source of this perception. I bigger dick will not help very much, sorry, there always exist bigger penises that will “dwarf” what you got. The likelihood that she have seen bigger than yours will diminish of course, this is correct. It means just as much as when you say you have seen women with larger breasts than she has. There will always be larger ones.

What will happen if it becomes public knowledge that penis size are like the size of feathers, and it finally loses all value to attract females? The Bowerbird is a model for such a development taken to its extreme, where the males are forced to build highly elaborate love-nests to attract females since they have no physical attributes that work for this purpose. They sabotage each others property, steals valuable bugs and other decorations in order to beat the competition with the most stunning creations.

The older they get, the more elaborate and creative they become, and the more attractive to females. We will get a situation where old, cunning and creative guys get all the chicks. Our sons wouldn’t like it, that’s for sure, it would break up the social structure and possibly also threaten our existence as species. This is why we need to fight hard to keep at least some symbolic value of a larger penis, as something to be proud of like a long thick hair or like the peacock appears to be proud of his tail.

Bottom line, I now PE because I feel it enhances sexual experience and restores penile performance to what I had in the teens. I confess there is also a slight element of vanity, people will not stop attaching value to a larger penis so why not try to help perpetuate the myth.

Am I the only one still greedily seeking a bigger cock, and developing some kind of mental disorder?

No no… I’m perfectly sane… it is you who have lost your minds…
Must get bigger… must get bigger…. my precious…
:worthy: Oh Phallustro, God of PE, bestow upon me what I desire, and smite these blasphemous ones! :worthy:


:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

Redwood: greed is just one of the deadly sins you know… :-)

I’m a greater sinner than you, actually. Studying the poll results more carefully suggests that the 6” guys are more successful in having her to orgasm just from penetration than the 7”-ers. Since this will not stop me from PE-ing, it means I’m continuing for selfish reasons, my own pleasure and health. I already confessed to vanity as motive.


Redwood, as long as I’m around you’ll never be the only one. :hanger:

Originally Posted by Redwood1981
Am I the only one still greedily seeking a bigger cock, and developing some kind of mental disorder?

No no… I’m perfectly sane… it is you who have lost your minds…
Must get bigger… must get bigger…. my precious…
Oh Phallustro, God of PE, bestow upon me what I desire, and smite these blasphemous ones!


Don’t get me wrong fellas. I’m still in it for the size too :D Let’s not get carried away….lol. I think it’s just more that my focus has shifted a bit. There’s absolutely nothing wrong for PEing for selfish reasons IMO.
My reasoning for this thread is to see what initial reasons for PEing are and if they have changed over time. If they have not changed for you, that’s awesome. If they have that’s awesome too. I don’t want this to be a judgmental thread. Just one that can maybe give encouragement or insight to others that read, mainly the newbies that are just coming in and reading aroung a bit. So keep up the posting guys. Great stuff for those of you that have chimed in already.

Let’s here from some of you vets. Who knows maybe we can even get Thunder to tickle the keyboard for us…..hmmmmmm?


Let’s here from some more of you vets. It appears I need more coffee. :gulp:


My original intentions were solely to get a decent flaccid hang so that I could start participating in normal activities where you have to shower with other guys afterwards.
All my life (since I was 10 at least) I had severe problems showing me naked around other boys or men. I was ridiculed for my penis size by another guy in 4’th grade and still today I cannot undress in front of other people without my anxiety makes my dick shrivel up to a miniature acorn.
I started PE simply to deal with this.

And to comment on Unicorn’s claim that getting a bigger dick won’t help people like me: I do not agree. As soon as I look “normal” with a normal flaccid hang I will be a much more happy person. I am 100% sure I won’t care that there still are an enormous number of men out there who still are bigger than me. I just do not want to risk being ridiculed (too easily).

After starting PE, I soon noticed that my erection strength increased a lot. New reason to continue.
I also soon noticed that our sex got much better, maybe because of better girth and length, or perhaps more likely because of better self esteem which came from the fact that I was becoming bigger.

This is actually nowadays my biggest reason for doing this: I get enormously happy when I gain, and when I feel that my penis is growing. It gives me tremendous self esteem, and I do not want to loose that feeling.

That alone can improve your sex life a lot. Of course, the same effect could probably be accomplished mentally. By some therapy or hypnosis or similar methods where you are helped to convince yourself that you are a great lover, you have a tremendous cock, and you are superman. However, the mental part can easily be ruined by some evil person ridiculing you, or by yourself when going into depressed mood or similar.
With a larger unit, it is probably harder to loose the positive effects, I hope. PE gains are after all more permanent than your mood.


PE for life!

I don’t think I believe that, I started at 6.5, and am now 7.5 giving girls more orgasms now then ever before. (but if 6” is the KEY, maybe it’s because my girth is now 6” lol!)

Right on PE bother! :thumbs:

My expectations in PE have never changed, my signature has said it all since the beginning.
I’m going to be 9 inches, I’m determined, and I’m in this for the long hull.
The fact that this can be good for penis health is a definite benefit, and I will continue PE the rest of my life for both maintenance and a healthy penis.

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

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