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Really getting into PE hanging. Here's what I'm doing:


Really getting into PE hanging. Here's what I'm doing:

I have an extremely tough work schedule and a busy family life. This is just about as good as it can get for me until my schedule changes. I work 4am-2pm usually
I would like the opinions of some gainers’ perspectives. Thanks

I have access to a lot of huge rubber bands, so first thing in the morning I manual pull BTC for a few minutes to help out whatever I had done with hanging the night before, then I set up my cheap traction with a rubber band around my leg and another tied to that. I estimate 3-4 lbs of force (pulling nearly under my leg) while sitting for 10 hours at work.
Every time I use the restroom (at least once and hour.hey, I’m working out a lot and drinking a ton of water!) I do the same manual BTC pull for a couple minutes, wrap and return to traction.
Once I get off of work, I hang golf weights (1.95 lbs) for 4-5 hours.
OK, now the kids are in bed and I can escape to my hanging zone. I hang two 21 minute sets @ 12lbs with heat.
When done I keep on the heat, do some light jelqs/milking to get my unit back to presentable and call it a night.

So, all day, everyday, for the past 6 days I have had some traction on this thing. I plan to crank up the weight safely as I progress. This is a routine I can actually do. Hopefully I can add another set or two on at night eventually.

Starting at 5 NBPEL, 5.75 BPEL and today it is at 5.25” NBPEL and 6.15’ BPEL. Seems like the ligs are getting worked pretty well.

Your thoughts?

Sounds pretty confused. I would rather build a homemade extender and give it a try.

I have an extender, but it isn’t very covert and pulls about the same force as the bands during the day. I am pretty much just doing the day stuff to help out anything I gain at night hanging with my homemade version of the Bib’s hanger.
I may have over explained. Here is the abridged version:

4lbs traction: 10 hours
2lbs golf weight: 4 hours
Manual stretch(over 10 lbs force) BTC: 20 minutes
Hang 12lbs: 42 minutes

Golf weights will do nothing. About the bands, how those are attached to your penis? What kind of extender do you own?

I use a self adhesive ace-bandage wrap and the grip from the wide band hangs on by friction on the wrap without having to be tied. I switch off left leg, right leg. I don’t remember the brand name, but it is the style with spring loaded rods that you see all over ebay and PE advertisements.

So, 2lbs of traction filling that time space for an entire year, say, won’t have any benefit? I really only switch to them from the bands because they are easier on my attachment point, allowing heavier hangs at night.

My opinion is that PE weights don’t grab the inner penis, their tension is absorbed by the skin via fritcion without providing any effective strethcing.

You leg attachment raise analogous issues. If your extender has a vac cap I suggest you use it for leg tractions, like in the ESL40 you can see over the web. Another option would be just sticking with manuals, 10 minutes of manual stretching in small sessions over the day will be as effective as 1 hour hanging/extender for most of people.

Thank you for your insight.

As you like, no minimum amount of time per session or number of sessions, just be sure that the total daily stretching is at least 10 minutes and add some jelqing too, jelq has a synergystic effect with about any other PE technique. A nice model of this approach you can find here

2-inch Growth Comparative Pictures

Ok, no more golf weights. I am using an extender throughout the day, doing 2 minutes of manual stretches and re-wrapping every hour or so. I am still hanging at least two sets @ 10 lbs in the evenings. It has been nearly 3 weeks of consistent hanging in the evening and other traction/pulling throughout the day. I am definitely feeling it in my ligs every time I do my manual stretches. I will be adding sets and then weight to my evening routine as time goes on. My Bib Starter should be in sometime next week. :)

I have been inspired by you all and the success most of you have had through persistence.

My Bib Starter came in. Holy crap! It is awesome. I was so proud of my own little feat of engineering in hanger construction until I got the bib starter. I am able to hang as many sets as I please without attachment point discomfort. Now hanging 3 sets, 20 mins. (2 additional AM sets on Saturday and Sunday) @ 12 lbs., ADS, and manual stretches for 3 mins every trip to the bathroom. 7/13/13 is my official one month date when I will take all of my measurements. I anticipate decent progress due to my persistence. I hope, I hope.

I can tell you that in my past I proceeded in a fashion that you are on, and you can throw out all the extender nonsense. Just hang, its all you need. As well, as uli’s. This game does not come with many pieces but you will find the faster you know which pieces to utilize the more efficient the process becomes to grow big. Throw out the stretches, throw out the ADS, its all ancillary confusion. The penis is a small wonder that you can make big, but it does not require a lot of thinking. Spend the 30 to 45 mins a day and screw the rest.

Take anything and everything that DutyQuest has posted with a large grain of salt.

How many example of people who hung 30 minutes per day and had gains you can point to, DutyQuest? I think I can show you way more people who gained doing a 20 minutes per day manual routine and have pics proving that, than you can show people who gained hanging 30 minutes per day, if you want to pontificate about nonsense.

Well, the manual route never had much appeal to me since you cannot calibrate much of anything regarding the force exerted. I just commented because I saw similar attitudinal adjustments to PE to my own. This guy is going balls to the wall because he has seen progress and the truth of PE, but does not understand where the gains are being derived. He is going morning, noon and night, and this probably does not hurt anything but in my opinion there is a lot of wasted effort. But, I am just putting forward what my experience has been through the process.

It does not really matter how many people you can fill a line-up; if you have your own personal experience and you bring a valid historical record, than it has meaning. But, no two people are identical on this road of making things bigger and better.

Take anything and everything that DutyQuest has posted with a large grain of salt.

Save that kind of arguing for some mystic forum please. You sound like a guru-wanna-be.

I’m trying to do everything right with persistence and frequency. I have been documenting my progress closely.

From what I have gathered through much reading, I have chosen a pretty strict game plan that I feel works for me. It is getting more finely tuned as I go and as I research. So far, so good. I will give you all a one month update on 7/13 and every month thereafter. Thank you guys for your helps o really appreciate it!

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