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Non Beginer to PE - Beginer to Hanging

Non Beginer to PE - Beginer to Hanging

From last decon from PE is about 6 months. I start hanging and I see 8 lbs for 20 minutes is not painful. So I want 6 sessions, each with different weights: 6 lbs ; 8 lbs ; 6 lbs ; 4 lbs ; 2 lbs ; 2 lbs.

What do you think?

One more think: I try with 10 lbs to see if is painful ?


Starting measures (1/1/2008): BPFL 4.50'', FG 4.50'', BPEL 6.25'', EG 5.25'' and so on .. :)

```````````````` 01/27/2009 : BPFL 5.70'', FG 5.10'', BPEL 6.90'', EG 5.60''

Most would suggest not to try starting from the highest possible weight, but with a light weight - say 2-3 pounds, and raising the weight week after week, since when you are unable to do 4 x 15-20 minutes sets with that weight. Hanging should never be ‘painful’, isn’t pain the limit. And the basic factor is time.

You can give a read to the hanging 101 thread to make an idea. It’s hard to suggest a specific weight to start with, instead you should make an idea of how the hanging ‘process’ works, if it’s clear what I mean - it’s not a weightlifting training. :)

Like always, Marinera rules :)

Starting measures (1/1/2008): BPFL 4.50'', FG 4.50'', BPEL 6.25'', EG 5.25'' and so on .. :)

```````````````` 01/27/2009 : BPFL 5.70'', FG 5.10'', BPEL 6.90'', EG 5.60''

Originally Posted by Bicious
Like always, Marinera rules :)

With an iron fist :rolling: Good advice as always:)

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

I have only been doing PE for 8 weeks and I started hanging last week with 9-10 lbs. I sort of easy into the weight by holding the chain I use and after about 3 minutes, I’m hanging full weight with no pain. However, when I do the BTC with this weight, it feels like I’m going to rip my skin above my pelvis. I looked this morning and actually have a stretch mark just proximal to the base of my shaft (right where the burn is the most intense).

Anything less than 5lbs does no good, ideally you would start at 6-7lbs. Once you go down in weight, it does no good, you might as well hold off for another day.

I might add that it is a little confusing for me to hear people talk about lig fatigue.. I never feel any fatigue. I do 4 sometimes 5 sets of 20 minutes with 10 lbs and I’ve yet to feel anything resembling fatigue in my ligaments. I also never had any lig discomfort the next day.. I mean I suppose it’s possible that I have “super ligs” but I doubt it.. Maybe others jsut have a very low pain tolerance? It drove me crazy for this first week trying to get ligament fatigue or lig soreness the next day.

The feeling is similar to just having ejaculated, there is a certain lifelessness and an all droopy feeling. Following a good hang usually results in a lack of that “schwing.”

Originally Posted by skepticalOne

…. Maybe others jsut have a very low pain tolerance? …

As said, ‘pain’ is not the word you want to use, but basically I think you’re right. Some have a lower threshold of discomfort than others. Just start with a low weight and raise it slightly over the course of weeks.

When I hang 10 lbs SD I feel perfectly fine.. I”m just not going to do the BTC until I have more stretch accomplished. I’m hanging as I write this and feel no sweat or fatigue.. I went 20 minutes and took a ten break and am on my second 20 (going to try and get a quick hour today, as my wife and kids just went to grandpas -only about 20 min away, but 20 there, 20 back and 20 chatting.. I think I might make it).

I’ve also heard people talk about lowering weight as they go.. Man I don’t feel any need to go lower.. I hope I haven’t built up my ligaments via powerlifting or something.. I mean I used to squat over 600lbs.. Maybe I just strengthened ALL my ligs all over my whole body?!

When I tore my pectoral muscle, the orthopedic surgeon (who did my shoulder surgeries) told me I didn’t do it like 99.99% of all other athletes.they pop the tendon off the bone.but I fileted my muscle like butterflying a steak!

So it’s possible I could just have very strong ligaments right?

I can’t see how squatting can make your suspensory ligs stronger. :)

Originally Posted by marinera
I can’t see how squatting can make your suspensory ligs stronger. :)

Heavy squats massively increase growth hormone production which thickens bone, ligs and cartilage.

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