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Hello all.

I joined Thunder’s Place in April of 2002, as can be seen to the left over there. I doubt that anyone remembers me here, as I soon vanished after suffering what I thought was a thrombosed vein.

Had I not stopped, I might or might not have been injured (more on that later), and I might or might not already be at my target size :/ But I suppose my nearly-three-year hiatus is also evidence that I’m not totally disenchanted with the size of my dick! That’s good news, I suppose, but I want to get back on the wagon.

Here are some of the threads I had posted during my “first run” at PE:

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In that last one, I posted that I had a thrombosed vein. Having re-read all the FAQ and newbie articles, I’m not so sure. Thrombosed veins are described loosely as a “piece of guitar string under the skin”, but my vein isn’t doing that. It’s also still there after three years. My situation is that a section of the vein roughly 2mm long seems to have been weakened, and when I jelq, it bulges out more than the rest of the vein (it basically looks like a small pimple ). It doesn’t hurt, and I don’t have any complications with my penis. I wouldn’t be concerned were it not for the fact that I know it wasn’t there before I’d started jelqing. Might anyone be able to offer a quick word of advice?

As far as the new routine I intend to start, I’m changing my tack from how it all began. I’d started with manual exercises, but I’d rather use hanging and pumping this time around, in order to have more consistent and reliable PE workouts. I’m thinking of something like the following:

Until I get my equipment:
7 days/week
Bed Fowfers
100 light jelqs in the morning

Equipment being considered:
Golf weights
Bib Hanger
Pump (undetermined)

Any recommendations or comments would be appreciated. I measure roughly 6x5 BPE, and am primarily concerned with gaining length. My target size is roughly 9x6, although I’ll have a better idea of it once I’ve started in earnest.

Even though I’m starting as an unknown again, it’s good to be back =)


Welcome back. Wish you all the best gains.

wadzilla: Thanks, and likewise to you :)

Thunder: Well then, I’m honoured! I remember many of the guys who were here when I first started, only because the site was so much smaller back then. Now it’s HUGE! Many congratulations. I hope the donations are pouring in ;)

As for the vein thing, there was a very mild soreness while jelqing (this is how I first noticed it) when I was first actively PEing. But Since I stopped PE, I haven’t had any soreness or discomfort. Nor during sex/masturbation. It might even be just localised vascularity. But if anyone else has had this symptom, I’d be interested in hearing about it.

I’ll start light jelqing and see how that goes. Fortunately, I’m going mainly for length so if I have to forego jelqing altogether, it won’t bother me too much. It’s near the head, so I can wrap some tape around it for when I start pumping.


Like me, I to am back from a lay off, Welcome Back!


Gettin Bigger

Cheers Thunder, was wondering where you had got to!


Gettin Bigger

Originally Posted by big-kiwi
Like me, I to am back from a lay off, Welcome Back!


Any lay is a good lay.

Thanks BK, welcome back to you too =)

As far as jelqing with a different grip… I don’t think that would be possible. It’s on the underside near my circumcision line — almost exactly where blood pressure is at maximum during jelqing. I imagine this is how it got started in the first place. I’ll start mild jelqing and keep an eye on it, unless I hear recommendations otherwise.



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