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Moon boots.

Moon boots.

One concern that I have about hanging — and some other guys have mentionned it as well — is that the downward stress seems to imply that it might reduce the angle of the dangle (if it doesn’t, I’m interested in hearing about that too.. but bear with me).

Since I like a nice skyward profile, I got to thinking about hanging with the member upright… so, moon-boots!

(In case some of you don’t know what moon boots are, or if they’re called something else in your locality; they’re the boots from which you hang upside-down on a fixed overhead bar.)

Now, the protocol for using moon boots is similar to that of heavy (non-all-day) hanging: Start with one session of 2-5 minutes, then try two sessions, then make the sessions longer, and so on and so forth until your body is used to being upside down for 30 minutes or an hour or even more.

It gives you a good stretch, is relaxing, and could help you hang upwards! The weight would be right in front of your face, easy to observe and remove, and would combine a relaxing meditation technique with your PE (which requires relaxation to work effectively).

Now, what are the dangers? Does the ligament structure of the penis make moon-boot stretching feasible? Could you smack yourself inna head with the weights? Will your wife ask why there’s an overhead bar in the bedroom doorway, and pictures of your own penis on the doorsill? Inquiring minds want to know..

My understanding

My understanding of lig stretching is that BTC and backwards, or downards if you’re body is horizontal gives way better lig stretch than forwards at any angle.

That’s not to say never pull forward, but BTC in a lot of guy’s experience here gives the biggest gains in the least time.

A said in a great Aussies song of a decade or more ago— “I’ve seen a cockatoo” as an out gay man in my 50’s, and there just aren’t any big ones — and I’d hazard to say that “big” here is say over 6.5 inches by 5.5 inches— that point skywards.

In most cases, full of blood, (all that iron) they are just too heavy to be cantilevered out and up with such a big leverage working against the ligaments.

You’er probably going to tell me that you’re bigger than that, but that’s my experience.

Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

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Just rig up a pulley and hang up at an angle if that’s your thing. You can read a magazine and this completley eliminates the possibility of knocking your fuckin’ teeth out with the weight. Besides, the upsde down shit is probably not intended to be used for long periods of time…you can pass out from being inverted for long periods of time. Your legs can also “fall asleep” and if you’ve ever fallen asleep with your legs propped up high, you will know the extremely unpleasant sensation of you waking up as well as your legs “waking up” after you’ve de-elevated them. To endure that “don’t touch my foot because it fell asleep, woke-up and is tingling” in both of your legs is more than words can adaquatly describe. Don’t go there. groa


P9: I’m a PE newbie, so I’m only around 5.5 L x 5 G, at best guess. I’m content with it, but why not play around with it? ;) And at my size I am above horizontal. Oh well, if I can’t be above horizontal at my target 8x5.5, it’s no big deal.

groa: The body isn’t used to being upside-down for long periods of time, but it becomes accustomed with practice. It’s a very relaxing feeling for as long as you can take it. And “as long as you can take it” can go up to about an hour if you “hang” (yep, it’s called that in physical training too) regularly.

The pulley system does seem simpler, thanks for the input! I thought of that as well, but I was thinking specifically of the correlations between moon-boot hanging and PE-hanging. Just an idea.

If you do,

you might want to do a “dry run” of this technique with out anything on your dick. Specifically, hang upside down for a while (say 15 minutes) and then while hanging upside down, see if you can get and maintain an erection. I’m really curious if the inversion has an effect on blood flow to the genital area. If it has the effect of lesser bloodflow (and therefore lesser body heat) it might have negative implications for hanging. Not something you want to do with a cold dick. Keep us posted, it’s an interesting topic. groa

Would make an interesting experiment indeed.. and I’d neglected to think of penile blood flow. Alas, the only overhead bars I know of are in the public health spa I frequent :P Maybe I’ll go late one Sunday and wear baggy pants….

Were you actually intending on trying this technique? I assumed you had inversion equipment at home. To those who are considering this angle, just get a goddamn pulley, hook it to the hanger rod in a closet, sit down and hang. I’ve done stuff like this, but did not find it very effective, though it is more of a deeper stretching than the ligs. Probably best to just hang down or BTC. I don’t hang anymore, but found the upward angle didn’t hit the ligs and didn’t seem to stretch the penile shaft very well either. For me, the deeper internal attachments of the penis had a “cushioning” effect on the weight used, compromising the stretch. Your experience may differ, but I think the consensus is BTC. groa

I read this post, and all I can think of, is some dude’s wife coming home early, to find his ass stark naked, hanging upside down in a weird contraption with weights hanging from his dick.

How’s he gonna explain that one? ;)

Hell, he might as well put on a crash helmet while he’s at it, complete the “I am insane” look. :)

I didn’t really have any explicit intentions to try this out, but I was wondering if anyone else had any related (or direct) experience with such a method. I think I might get a chin-up bar in my basement eventually, and give it a go for the sake of science (as well as doing chin-ups).

Thanks all, for your input! And don’t forget to get a helmet with a chin strap.

If you’ll settle for straight out instead of straight up, you could hang while lying on your stomach. I do it by opening the dining table just enough to get the weights through. It thoroughly stretches some of the ligaments, but my table’s starting to sag a little.


You can also achieve a similar effect by hanging OTS (over the shoulder). My personal experience with this is that you need to hang with much heavier weights to achieve the same degree of stress. I tend to agree with the others that BTC will give the most benificial stretches.

So far, I’ve noticed very little, if any, change in the angle of erection from hanging BTC.

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