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Welcome me! ;)

Welcome me! ;)

Hello to all!

I am a new member, have been reading this board for about 2 days, and just wanted to express to all of you (especially Thunder) how impressed I am with the camaraderie, humour, and erudition shown on these fora.

I will wait until I have access to a digital camera (or a webcam at the very least) before I start PEing, as I want to properly track my progress from the very beginning — a habit held over from my weightlifting.

It couldn’t hurt to do more reading in the interim either, even though I feel thoroughly prepared to ease my way into it (seeing as I’ve devoured every bit of information on this site that I could find in the last 2 days).

One very small question: Why might one be unable to set an avatar in one’s User Control Panel?

I look forward to participating in many forum discussions, and bouncing ideas off the heads of like-minded men and women. Thanks again! See you about, and I look forward to walking with a swagger =)

Welcome aboard !!!

Hey Jabari,

Welcome, glad to have you here. Sounds like you are going to be one to take this PE thing very seriously. Great to see someone gather as much information as they can before they start.

You need ten posts before you can have an avatar. So, nine more to go. Good luck with your gains!!

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Welcome aboard! Best of luck in your PEing. This is a great group here. You started in a good place.

welcome to the forum

Hi Jabari,

welcome to the forums and all that they encompass. Best wishes for you in meeting your pe goals!!


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Thanks for the warm welcome!

I look forward to meeting all of you out in other discussions =)


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