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Why I've been away.

Why I've been away.

Well, I started with a lot of enthusiasm, and posts, and research.. and ended up with a thrombosed vein after 2 weeks of jelquing and V-stretching :P

But it’s healing nicely, and I’m going to hit the workout again in about 3 weeks.

As a side note: your bell end doesn’t have to turn polka-dot before you’re generating enough force jelqing! Those red spots might be a healthy sign for some, but I never got them and STILL generated enough pressure to thrombose my thrombone.

Good and safe gains to all.

Welcome back jabari

Sorry to hear about your injury. Be sure to let it heal completely before you start again.

About the red spots - I never got them, and still gained so I guess some people get them and some don’t.

ù ì å í


Thanks Will!

I’m doing my best to be cautious this time. Unfortunately, this includes me waiting even more :P I hope to be back and contributing daily again, soon.


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