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Rapid growth will it continue


Rapid growth will it continue

I started some basic PE about a year ago and didn’t have the time or the privacy to really succeed. Now I have plenty of time and desire to put in the work. My question is that after just 2 months of stretching, jelqing and pumping I am an inch longer and a half inch thicker. Is this normal?? Will it continue?? Will it become permanent. My girlfriend is already trying to figure out whats up .

Can some of you longer term guys tell me how to keep these gains coming or what I can realistically expect.

I would guess your gains are a combination of increased EQ and permanent gains. So your gains may slow down a bit from here on out but it sounds like what you are doing is working great so just keep it up.

Try not to fall into the trap of thinking if I do more I will gain more, especially when you are gaining so well.

Congratulations! :)

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Wow man that’s fantastic!!! I gained a half inch in length and quarter inch in girth during my first two months. Month three only a little more than an eighth in length, and maybe a millimeter in girth. All about consistency, and cantlook put it perfectly, keep doing what your doing. If gains kept coming like they did during the newbie stage we would all have twelve inch cocks hahah

A little jealous, I must admit :-)

But: hey, seems to be the perfect routine for the moment. Please don’t change it!

And yes, growth will decrease over time, but the question is when that happens. Keep a good logbook and ecome one of the famous big gainers…

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Unfortunately as others said, the growth decreases over time, you have beginner gains. But an inch in 2 months, I’m jealous!!! :)

As cantlook said, some may be due to better erection quality. But keep it up, plenty here keep gaining, although much more slowly. Whatever you do, keep doing what you’re doing, it’s working. Do not even consider doing more until you stop gaining.

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Jesus Christ man what is your routine?

Still working it

Well I am dedicated this time.. If I get another inch in length and a half in girth I will be satisfied. I do admit my erection quality may be a big part. More nocturnal erections and morning wood than when I was 18. First off a year ago I tried the using an extender, but found it extremely painful. I even worried if it was more like a turniquet than anything and it scared me. So I stopped.

This time I am doing a two a day routine with manual stretches in the AM for 15 minutes, pumping in a manual pump for 10 minutes at up to 5kg. Then jelking for ten. Afternoon I pump for 15 and jelq in a hot shower for ten. I take my measurements only after a day off so that the pumping does not effect the measurement.

Is your pump just a generic pump or is one of those cylinders that are meant for a certain size?

Its an la pump 11 inch cylinder and I gotta check the size for girth but I purchased it for my lenght and girth seems to work very well.

Sweet man I may look into that actually. I think I may wait for my first three months of the noob routine to be up before I decide to add more things to the list. I do appreciate you replying.


I read cylinder size and Pumping 101 to decide what size cylinder to buy. It was extremely helpful. The LA cylinder is oval and tilted at the bottom so you fit better. I had to go to the 11 inch cylinder to get to the right girth, not for my length. I went for a 2.5” cylinder girth. The length of the cylinder is a little long and bulky, as I wish I coulh have gotten a little shorter. But overall the pump is very well made. I think my stretches are just as important though.

I still have my extender it looks like a torture contraption from the dark ages and the longest I could wear it was an hour. Has anyone ever had any luck with them. It seemed to cut off the blood flow to the head of my penis if I wore it any length of time. And the recommend wearing them at least 4 hours in the beginning.

Originally Posted by bigduke

I had to go to the 11 inch cylinder to get to the right girth, not for my length. I went for a 2.5” cylinder girth. The length of the cylinder is a little long and bulky, as I wish I coulh have gotten a little shorter.

Apart from being a bit bulky, it doesn’t matter how ‘over’ long your cylinder is really.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

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Thanks maybe cause it looks so daunting too.

Congratulations on the gains. So you don’t have any rest days at all? Also do you warmup with when you do the first routine?

I do take rest days usually over the weekend when my girl is around. So its about 5 days a week. Haven’t been warming up. Been thinking of taking one of those blue packs putting them in the microwave to warm up with or make a rice sock.. But as of now no I haven’t been warming up.

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