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Quick question.

Quick question.

Last time I PEd was 15 days ago, for 21 minutes(haven’t worked up to 30 min session yet). I wish to resume PE today, should I go for 23 mins as planned or should I work my up from a shorter, say 15 min session since it’s been a while? I guess what I’m asking is if my cock is de-conditioned to PE after 15 days. What do you guys recommend?

Hi Ron, I think it partly depends on how long you were doing PE before you stopped. I think this could have an effect. If it wasn’t that long then I think you should takeit easier and build the time up again, but if you were at it for a while (a couple of months I should think is ok) then you might be ok with a longer time.

Whatever you do, go easier than you normally would as some deconditioning will have happened, but how mch depends on how used to PE your penis was before your break.

Take care, and good luck!

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Start on 15 minutes or less, and I am sure you can progress faster to 21 minutes than before the break, so you’ll get fast back on track.

I agree with the 15 minutes or less. Why risk pushing yourself and then having to take time off for an injury? It’s always best to start off slow and work your way back up.

Whoops, I just noticed this was asked yesterday, so I am probably a day late and a dollar short.

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