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Quick Question on tunica Stretching

Quick Question on tunica Stretching

This is a pretty newbie question, but I couldn’t find the thread that explained tunica stretching in detail. Anyways, I did some A-stretches and was wondering where the stretch should be felt. I feel it on the bottom and the sides more towards the bottom, rather than the top like a lig type stretch, when I A-stretch. I think this is correct, but isn’t the tunica running along the top of the shaft? Wouldn’t that be where I’m supposed to feel it?

The tunica surrounds most of the shaft around the corpora cavernosum. It’s generally thicker at the top than the bottom. You’ll likely feel it around the pivot of the ‘A’ stretch more than anywhere else, with the outside of the bend being stretched, though notionally the inside of the bend may be being compressed too depending of the radius of the pivot you are using (fingers, wrist, wooden dowel etc).

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