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Greetings and a quick question . . .

Greetings and a quick question . . .

A big hello to all of you out there and an even bigger thank you to the people that make this site what it is today! I’ve been a lurker here for a little over a month now, and in that time I’ve learned an awful lot about PE. Most problems/questions that I’ve encountered have been answered previously on this site. However, I’ve run into a problem that I have not seen mentioned before.

Using the information I found on this site, I started a routine jelqing and manual stretching. My gains to date are not so much in size as in shape and hardness of my erections. Recently, I’ve begun experimenting with hanging. I built myself a hanger from flexible PVC pipe that is similar to one of the homemade hangers that I found linked here. This little device works like a charm up to about 7 lbs. I retain circulation in my glans, and it’s comfortable to wear. Unfortunately, above this weight - for want of a better term - it jelqs me. Let me try to explain.

I wrap using an ACE bandage roughly an inch above my glans. Then I attach the hanger and cinch everything down. When I hang more than 7 lbs on the device, it slides the skin over the shaft of my penis until it hits the glans. The weight of this device pulling on my glans fills the CS with blood just like a really intense jelq. Unfortunately, the duration of hanging results in some very serious spotting. I’ve tried moving the hanger higher up on the shaft, but this gets extremely painful as the skin just stretches further before it hits the glans. Also, I do squeeze the blood out of my head before I attach the hanger as per the hanging guide. It makes little difference in the final result. I was just wondering if anyone else had encountered a similar problem, and if so how they went about remedying it.

Thanks Much,

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Welcome to Thunders as a poster. Its good to have you here.

Some of the hangers will be able to respond to that question better than I can.

Once again, its good to have you here.

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