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Questions on overtraining?

Questions on overtraining?

Hi everyone

1) Is it possible to overtrain in kegeling? By that, I mean can you do “too much” kegeling and somehow result in a PC muscle injury?

2) Kind of the same as #1, but on my days off, should I refrain from kegeling as well?

3) I just started about 2-3 weeks ago, and I just want to check with you guys that this is a good workout: 40 one-minute kegels, 8 sets of 1-minute stretch down/down-left/down-right/up (to focus on ligs… i hope i got this part right), and 300 dry jelqs… The stretches and jelqs are often done in 2 sessions. Is this an okay workout for a newbie? :)


A few guys have reported temporarily weaker erections from overdoing kegels. Don’t worry. If your BC gets tuckered out, it will recover. :)

40 one-minute kegels? Wow. If you can do that, you’re already in excellent shape. I haven’t been doing kegels consistently, but I’d be surprised if I could hold one for a full minute. You might start out with a mix of quick flexes and slightly longer holds, say 5 seconds. Work up from there.

Your stretch/jelq routine sounds fine. Add in a warmup, or do the routine after a hot shower or bath.

I was wondering too, which is better: long series of quick contractions or shorter series of longer holds?

As for me, right now, being a newbie, I try to do kegels whenever I remember to, but I mostly perform them short and repeated than long holds. I’ll see how it works :) . And, referring to overdoing it, sometimes if I try too hard for too long I can’t get an erection as fast, but that goes away in half an hour

Good luck!

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