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Questions from a beginner

Questions from a beginner

So even though I signed up for Thunders a while ago, I only started PE for about a week now. I decided to take it seriously.

Just a couple of questions though. I started doing the beginner’s routine: 5 min warm up, 10 minute stretch, 10 minute jelq, kegels and warm down. How hard am I supposed to be doing the stretches and jelqs? Am I supposed to pull enough that I get sore the next day. I’m comparing to when I go to the gym. If I work my chest one day, it will be sore for the next two days. Is that comparable to PE? Right now, I’m not getting any soreness. I could pull harder but I don’t know how much since I’m just starting out. Is there a benchmark I should be aim for?

I’m especially careful when I do my jelqs (at 70% erect) since I don’t want anything to pop.

Naw ticklemypickle, the stretching part is probably in there just to loosen up the erectile chambers(corpus cavernosa[you’ll probably see that]), for the jelq. Either way, i’ve only seen individual say that they should not feel pain whilst stretching the penis in any direction other than downwards, whether they’re simply warming up or trying to make gains. Hope that helped.

BPEL: 8.35"/ NBPEL:7.0" /EG: Apprx. 5.5"

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