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A few questions from a beginner

A few questions from a beginner

Just joined recently and looking to try out PE. But wanted to get all the details sorted out beforehand:

1. What effect does having sex or masturbating on days of PE have on your results? Avoid it? Don’t worry about it?

2. Kegel - Should it be done while flaccid or hard? Is either more beneficial?

3. Anyone else have a difficult time staying flaccid when doing the stretching exercises? Do stretches require being totally flaccid?

4. Do you do your workouts in the shower usually?

Thanks for answering any of the above questions guys. I’ve looked through a bunch of the material on the site but couldn’t find the answers to these questions. I’m sure I’ll think of more questions in the future. I’m the type of person that likes to know the answers to all the little details.

First off welcome to the forums and happy gaining!

1. An often debated question on these forums with no definitive answer. Your best bet would be to masturbate in moderation.

2. Both work in my experience, and if your muscles are strong enough, doing them while erect will give you a brief moment of expansion.

3. Many newbies find it difficult to remain flaccid during exercises. You should be mostly flaccid while stretching, probably less than 20% erection. If you get too erect simply take a break and think abut something else, re-heat your penis after your erection goes down.

4. I personally workout in the shower because there is a constant supply of heat for my penis. I stretch underneath the stream as well to keep my penis as elastic as possible. The shower in my opinion is the most convenient place to exercise. For lube while jelqing I use Dove soap with moisturizing cream. Many people say to never use soap but I have not encountered issues with an excessively dry penis with the current soap I’m using. And when it does get a bit dry I put a bit of Vitamin E lotion on my penis and it becomes soft and smooth again.

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.

Thanks for the response juiice.

I think I will try to abstain from masturbation then since I am pretty active with a girlfriend.

This third session of stretching went better. Think I just need to get used to stretching without becoming aroused.

My college gives out free lube, so I think I’ll stick with that since there shouldn’t be any possible negatives.

I’m hoping to see some results in the first 2 months. Not sure if I’ll be able to keep up the motivation otherwise. I have a really busy schedule, and this is quite the time commitment.

I usually perform my routine at night after all my work has been done. While this may cut into sleep time, I think the results are worth it. If you’re performing the newbie routine properly and not over working your penis you will definitely see at least EQ gains within the first two months. And I’m sure both you and your girlfriend will appreciate a harder erection.

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.

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