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Questionable Gains

Questionable Gains

I hope I’m not being disillusioned, but I’ve only been jelqing & stretching for about 4 weeks now & it would appear that I’ve gained close to .25” in girth & possibly a bit in length. Is this possible in such a short period of performing my routine? I’m also into bodybuilding & taking a few supplements for this & wondered if these could be affecting this gain. I’ve been asked twice in the lockeroom what I do to have such a nice flaccid size, which is around 5.25”,currently erect I measure 8x5.75” BP.would love more girth, & length if possible, while obtaining a larger knob. Any & all replies would be much appreciated. Thanks fellas, & thanks to Thunders Place. Hopefully Yours, Oli

If there’s at least 24 hrs between last PE session and measuring, I think that’s a solid gain. 0.25” in a month is a great gain especially in girth, and very possible indeed.

It’s always hard to believe those first gains — I still wonder if I’m just pressing the ruler harder, even if I’ve gained at least 0.8” x 0.6”.

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Oli, congrats on the gains man that’s great.

It is possible that you have gained that quickly, some people are just lucky that way.

It is also possible that your significant initial gain so quickly was due to getting a better erection (more blood into what you already had the potential for) What do you think? Do you feel your erections have been better lately? PE has that added benefit for some guys.

Either way you seem to be bigger so good for you. I’m rooting for you that your an easy gainer and it will continue. But don’t get greedy, at 8 x 5.75 save some gains for the rest of us.

By the way are you serious, guys come up to you in the locker room and comment on your schlong??

Congratulations Oli, 8X5.75 is a great size that a lot of us dream to have. Anyway never is too much! as in bodybuilding.

What is your goal?

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