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Question for the Pros.

Question for the Pros.

I understand taking days off from jelqing because of the internal pressure involved and EQ quality. However, do the sames rules apply to stretching? Would it be better to stretch everyday, maybe taking one or two days off a week. Rather than the typical 2 on 1 off routine. Or maybe even have two stretch sessions a day? Your input is greatly appreciated! Is there anyway to have this thread moved to the main members forum?

From what I’ve read, stretching every day is ok.

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diesel220 has pointed out that many athletes stretch their ligaments daily with no ill effects.

On the other hand I personally find stretching very tiring and need a day to recover. Sort of depends on the person — some guys can stretch and stretch and not feel fatigued at all.

Rule number one in PE is “listen to your body.” Rule number two is “if it hurts don’t do it.”

Rule number three ‘never talk about PE’? :)

I think pure stretching or hanging is far less stressful to the penis than other types of PE where its expanding in all dimensions. However, if you are getting contraction, it might be necessary to use some light ADS to counter that while you recover.

To answer this question its best to ask hangers. I think the opinion for many is daily is best, but you’d have to ask them.

I stretch everyday and the only thing that is sore is my penis head. I never knew how rough toilet paper was. :(

I stretch every day and often, my penis is normally a drop sore. Ive seen results so why stop

I tried to to do two sessions per day of stretching. By day three I ended up being very sore and stopped. Currently, I stretch during the week and take the weekends off.

I’m no Pro but you have to use some common sense. I’m a firm believer of going light increase gradually and taking time off. This (PE) is not the same as body building, hence the saying “No pain no gain”. Correct me if I’m wrong but if there’s pain you probably won’t gain!

If your EQ is in the pits you have to take time off, completely off! When EQ is great your doing great.

Many hangers don’t take rest days and I would say that is possible to relate to manual stretching.

But as stated, it is down to the individual.

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I think rest days don’t help you on gaining length. Try to do some light stretching if you get too sore for you regular routine. There are a lot of theories out there and one is that repeated stretching and rest days just toughens up your ligaments without much growth. I believe that happened to me. Also, wearing a traction wrap after your stretching routines for a few hours may help with your length gains. I do that.

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