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Question about interrupted jelqs.

Question about interrupted jelqs.

First off, this is my first post. Thanks to everyone in advance. :thumbs:

I’ve read the various FAQs, done some searches etc and don’t see the answer to this question although there is some similar info.

I’ve been doing a slightly light version of the n00b routine for two weeks or so. I find it virtually impossible to NOT get a full erection while jelqing. It definitely feels much more effective when I’m only at 30-50%, so what I’ve been doing is just stopping when I get hard, think about other things, let it sit, then start again a minute or so later. Unfortunately this means doing about 20 jelqs, waiting a minute, 20 more, etc. Towards the end I might get 50 in, or if I’m willing to just do it while 90% erect I could do the whole workout.

Does anyone think these little mini breaks halfway through have any negative effect?

I’ve also seen in a number of places not to have sex or masturbate for a little while after jelqing. Is this for health/safety reasons or does it somehow inhibit the gaining process?

Thanks in advance - this looks like a great forum!

My starting stats - a little over 7” BPEL, 5.5” EG. Not looking for huge gains, maybe .5” or 1” in length and girth at the most. :D I’m in my early 30s, married, in excellent shape, and have always been fascinated (not obsessed or preoccupied ;) ) with size.

No, what you are experiencing is your penis learning the difference between play and work, all newbies go through this.

Sex and masturbation do not effect gains, however some of the guys will say wait an hour or so before engaging in play activities.

Welcome to Thunders.

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The mini breaks are not a problem. Eventually you’ll get used to handling your penis and will be able to work straight through at the recommended erection level. Welcome.

Thanks for the input everyone.

Sometimes I have to take a break a few times during jelqing, sometimes I just go all the way through. It feels like it is having a much different result when 50% erect than 80% erect.

It has been about two weeks, and although it could be measurement error I am pretty sure I’ve gone from a bit over 7.0” BPEL to about 7 3/8” - it’s hard to say since it depends a lot how hard you press. I’ve lost about 10-15 pounds in the last few weeks as well and the combination of that and the newbie routine certainly ‘looks’ impressive.

Not sure about girth gains yet - a little hard to measure consistently. Still around 5.5” though, maybe a hair more.

I’m taking it pretty easy, going light on the stretching (it seems much more likely to cause injury than jelqing, I guess that’s just me) and only doing about a 10 minute workout. Don’t have time for much more anyway.

Your already large, losing weight certainly helped. But when it comes right down to it your a fast grower I do believe.

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