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Decreased jelqs, increased Uli's

Decreased jelqs, increased Uli's

I have started incorporating Uli’s into my routine, but I have also decreased my amount of jelqs, to about 100.

I haven’t noticed any girth gains visually, but I banged my ex-wife last night and she was much tighter!

Jelqs just don’t seem to really help that much, other than giving me a good fatty after the session, but I’m sure they have added some girth that I just can’t really notice.

I went to the video series here, and studied the freeze frame Uli tutorial, and found it to be most excellent!

Any seasoned good gainers get good results from you reducing your jelqs and incorporating Uli’s in your routine? Or do did you just keep the same amount of jelqs?

I’ve done the same, as I’ve incorporated dry-style jelqs, I find I don’t need to do as many. I also do what I think are Uli’s where I squeeze the base and hold an engorgement for 180 seconds. My girth has been slowly increasing these last few weeks, and as soon as I feel the gains are really here to stay I’ll update my stats.

So my jelq routine is now down to 30 minutes and I think it actually works better! Less is MORE!
I do 2 sets of the following for my jelq routine.
100 jelqs (switching hands for each 25)
Uli 180 seconds with each hand.(squeezing the head for 10-20 seconds on and off throughout the over all squeeze.)

My stretching routine is up in the air, as I’m wanting to incorporate hanging instead to see how that goes. Stretching is my least favorite PE exercize, and I’d much rather have the passive benefit of hanging so I can surf Thunder’s during that time instead.

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

Redwood, sounds like a good workout to me, so you say you’ve made some girth gains with Uli’s! Cool, I hope it works the same for me, though I haven’t been holding for 180 seconds, maybe I should try that! I’m going to go now and research Uli’s some more. Anymore input on this would be supreme! Also, in case I can’t find it, what is the standard hold time for Uli’s?

I am new at this. I have tried this before and stopped because I really didn’t have time then. I am in the military and right now I am away from my home and wife. It has been about three weeks since I was home and when I go back home in about 5 months I hope to have a BIG surprise for her. I understand the jelq method and stretching. I am having trouble picturing how to do uli’s. Could someone please explain uli’s and suggest any exercises that would give me more length and preferabally alot more girth. Thanks in advance!

I have been doing Uli’s and Horses for the last 5 months with my jelq sessions but i find it very hard on my hands in the long run.
Therefore i switched last week for clamping with a home made Uli thing (didn’t find any good clamp).
I’m in my first week with the Uli thing so still experimenting.
My routine will be 3 sets of 10 min with the Uli thing 5 days on.
I keep on doing my 20 min of wet jelq and hot wrap before and after the sessions.


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