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Purple spot on foreskin

Purple spot on foreskin

I searched around the forums and didn’t quite get the answer I was looking for. After my PE routine the other night, I noticed a small purple spot on my foreskin. This happened roughly 36 hours ago. I’ve been using ice and heat and it seems like it has gotten better, although that could just be wishful thinking on my part. When I look closely, I can see a vein that runs through the spot and continues to run passed the spot. I have absolutely no problems with erections, no discomfort, good flaccid hang. Did I burst a capillary? Did I break a vein? Anyone care to chime in? Also, should I wait to resume stretching and jelquing until it goes away? Or would stretching alone be ok? Thank you.

I had spots few times when i started.Take a day off and continue with a little lighter routine,or just stretching,that’s what i did..

Is it somewhere in the middle of the upper side of your penis?

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It’s maybe a blood blister , probably due to you using too much pressure (pull or push) when exercising.

Give it a few days and it should go away. But it’s best not to PE while it there as the exercise will only aggravate it.

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I got a purple spot for about a week ago which I wrote about in a thread, just stay of a routine for a few days until it clears up. Firegoat rolls (pinch lightly around the damage area) seemed to help a bit.

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If I am looking down at my penis, and my foreskin is covering my glans, it is directly on the right side of my glans (but on the foreskin, not the glans itself), near the top of my foreskin.

Don’t worry, you have not caused permanent or even serious damage.

I sometimes get a few small (head of a pin or smaller) purple dots on various places on my penis after a hard workout - mostly from o-bends. I think it has something to do with the internal pressure.

Anyway, mine always go away in less than 24-36 hours. Just give your penis a few warm baths and a massage to get the blood moving and you should be ok!

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It’s nothing really and probably will not be your last. I often times get my entire penis covered in such spots from clamping. High pressure exercises often cause such things and there’s little you can do about it. It’s a part of big gains.

Even stretching or hanging weights can cause it to varying degrees.

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Ah ok, this all makes sense. My jelqs during that sessions were the best I can remember in my 4 month career. I was achieving fantastic expansion at 60% erection level. Thanks guys.

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