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Purple spot on the base

Purple spot on the base

Hello, I’ve been using the AutoXleeve for 24/7 for about a month now, and just recently I’ve started seeing a purple spot on the base of my penis..

I’ve been using the yellow sleeve for day time
and the pink sleeve for night time (softer)

this purple thing is starting to worry me, I’m taking a few nights off just putting the yellow one on for now.. more controlled.

Anyone delt with this? is this normal in any way?

Forgot to mention, I have been pumping for the last week… but nothing really serious…
Maybe it is from the pumping.. .that’s the only change.. waiting for replies from people that might’ve experience this kind of injury..

gosh, I hope my penis won’t fall off (purple?! doesn’t that mean dead?)

The EQ levels are pretty good, better then when I started but not by much (I blame it on regular old fashion tiredness)

The purple spot is most likely from pumping. If your cylinder doesn’t have a base or silicon donut, it will cause bruising. Its happened to me before. Wait about a week before you pump again and see if it goes away. I don’t think you need to worry.

Yeah well the spot dissappeared like 1-2 hours afterwards, turns out it was from the pump.. cylinder too big and it was on the upper part of the shaft, causing the fatty part (forgot the name…) to purple (just like a hicky!).

Good thing to leave this here so other people won’t freak out when it might happen to them… conclusion: don’t use too big of a cylinder

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