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Purple Spot

Purple Spot

I’m a newbie and I’ve been PEing since the 19th and I guess I got overzealous with my last routine (which was on Sunday) because I now have purple spot about .5 cm in diameter. It’s not a series of purple/red dots like other people have been posting about. I didn’t notice it during the session, so I’m not exactly sure when it happened or when it appeared, but I’m sure it was because of jelqing. I noticed it about 4 hours later and when I did I put some ice on it. It seems to have faded some since Sunday evening. I haven’t done any PE exercises since then. There’s no pain when I touch it and I felt none when it happened. I haven’t done anything intense since I found it. Is there anything else I can do? I attached a picture of the spot, too. Thanks for any help and advice.

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Just let your body do its thing and heal at its own pace. Make sure that you are doing warm ups and stretches and whatnot, and even though it is easy to get caught up by the thought of a bigger piece, take it slow at the beginning. You wouldn’t just hop into a tri-athalon without proper training, would you? (unless you are already some sort of athlete and could handle it, in which case this scenario is moot…I digress). Anyway, don’t worry about it too much and just make sure you let it heal properly before beginning again. Also, this will probably get moved to the Members Pics section or similar, no pics are allowed outside of a few select forums, just for future knowledge. Hope you heal quickly, and good luck! :)

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Thanks very much for such a quick reply. :) I’ll be sure to have more patience when it heals and when I start up again. After all, patience is a virtue. Should I continue to put ice on it or just let it be until it heals up? What about masturbation.. Should I continue to hold off on that as well? Thanks again.

I think you should follow Aiynsedai’s advice and leavie it to heal before you continue exercising. It will heal far more quickly with rest.

But of course, take it very easy when you restzrt.

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Thank you very much. I’ll be sure to let it be until it completely heals. Thanks, again!

I wanted to add my experience with a similar injury to this thread:

I was doing a clamping & jelqing routine for about a month (10 min. warm up, two 10 minute sets of clamping with approximately 5 minutes rest in between sets, followed by 15-20 minutes of higher erection level (70-80%) jelqs). My unit got pretty worn down from this routine and as a result, I got a similar purple spot (bruise) one day while doing my jelqs.

There was never any pain or swelling, so I decided to just let things a rest until it healed. I’m on my fourth day of healing time and the bruise is almost completely gone. All I did was rest and massage it occasionally in the shower and throughout the day.

Bottom line, I don’t believe this type of injury to be severe and I think heat and rest are the best way to a timely recovery.

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Thanks for your story. My spot started to fade after a couple days. It’s complete gone now and I’m going to resume PE tonight. I’m definitely going to take it easy for now on and I’ve definitely learned something from this incident. I’m thankful it wasn’t serious.

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