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Pumping - reliable bet for added gains

Pumping - reliable bet for added gains

This is probably a stupid question, but I just wondered if the pumpers out there would say that combined with the newbie routine, pumping might be a good addition to hope for fairly likely gains?

Wondering what to augment my routine with after I finish my first month of the newbie routine, and was considering either ADS ( vacextender?) or pumping, what do you think guys?

ADS seems to clumsy, awkward, and time consuming to me, and pumping’s quicker.

Read in the Pumper’s Forum and see what the guys there are saying about it.



Thanks Avocet, I’ve read your pumping 101 which was very interesting! In your considerable experience what can most pumpers hope to gain on average?

Also, do you know any people who use an ADS after a pumping session in an effort to consolidate pumped size, or would you consider this a dangerous tactic?

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