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Pumping for length gains

Pumping for length gains

I’ve been into pumping for about 6 months now and it is great fun. During this time using a pump, jelq, squeeze routine, I have cemented a non pumped 1/4”girth increase and 1/2” length increase. It’s no problem packing my 2’ dia. tube and recently I’m concentrating on length in the tube. After the girth is packed I ramp up higher in pressure so I feel a good pull at the base and up the shaft into my glans. When I feel the stretch start to relax I pump the pressure up to get the same feeling again slightly increasing the length of the stretch. I repeat this about four times, stay at the final stretch for fifteen minutes, release pressure and relax for about 3 minutes then repeat the procedure. I just started using this technique 3 days ago and it is really good for stretching the ligs and tunica and I have noticed a 3/4” length increase in the tube and my flacid hang is also better. I hope that if I start to combine this method with 2 handed stretches using the keggle/reverse keggle technique for the DLD Blasters I will gain enough length to perform the blasters properly. Does anyone else have thoughts on this?

good report


Interesting pumping report. Congratulations on your gains too. I’ve done similar “ramping” up the pressure routines like you, and have found them good in working on the length gains in the tube. It’s an interesting technique, because you can readily see the progress being made as you measure your “inside the pump” length changes. For me I’ve found that these pumped length increases resulted in non-pumped erect length gains. I love my 2” diameter cylinder the best for “packing” and then working on the length. But occasionally, I like to go a bit wild and slip my dick into a 2.5” tube for extra pumped girth. The extra thick results give me a preview of what I hope to become permanently in the future.

Where are you sizewise now?


Yea, I would also like to know how much erect length and girth you’ve increased during pumping….

How many times do you repete this routine a day? Any adverse side effects?

I’ve been pumping after a hot wrap for 10 minutes, then release with stretching in between pump sessions 3X a session

At present I am a solid non pumped 5 1/8” erect girth. My ebpl measuring down the side of the shaft is 6 3/4”. When I seriously started to include pumping towards the end of last December I was between 4 7/8”-5” erect girth and 5 3/4”-6” ebpl down the side of the shaft. I have been doing this pumping routine for a duration of four cycles, fifteen minutes each. Then jelq(slow 3-4 seconds at high pressure) for ten minutes, two 2 minute uli base squeezes, then repeat this jelq and squeeze routine once. Shake it out, massage, thenrelax for 2-3 hours and then repeat the whole routine again. Usually I end up shortening the second session by one cycle and jelq a bit less, depending on how sore and fatigued I am. However, I stress the point that even though the second session is shorter because of soreness, it is imperative to maintain the highest level of intensity that you can manage(using common sense not to injure yourself). I thinf that if this can be done you will take youself beyond the limit of fatigue and tissue breakdown you experienced during the first session which, I think, should promote a greater growth potential. After my second session my erect girth(pumped) is between 5 1/2”-5 5/8”. My pumped ebpl is still at 6 3/4”. My length in the tube(haven’t accurately measured) is in the neighbourhood of 7”-7 1/4”. I am looking forward to more girth and length gains since I am in the process of making a 2 1/4’ ID tube. I really think that packing my 2” tube limited the expansion and tissue breakdown for girth gains, but for getting the lig stretch to promote length it has played an active part. This 2 1/4” tube is only going to cost me around $15.00 to make. If anyone wants to know more about materials and how to make it just ask.


I like your multiple session routines with a combination of pumping, jelqing, squeezes and shaking your dick out. I do similar situations.

I might suggest trying to stay with your 2” diameter tube for awhile and really max out your gains, before moving toward the next size.

I started with a non-pumped 4.75” erect girth (base) and am now at 6.75” non-pumped erect girth. I used a 1.75” inch tube in the beginning for a few months, then moved to the 2” cylinder. It’s true that I “pack” the first few inches of the 2” cylinder quickly because of my present size, but that allows me to work on extending the “pack” all the way up the shaft while also forcing additional length stretch.

I’m working more intensely now on the erect length gains, trying to hit my next milestone of 8” erect NBP. When I fool around in my next larger cylinder which is 2.5” diameter, I know that I don’t get the kind of stretch that I can get in the smaller 2” tube.

Just a suggestion, but I also understand how psychologically intriguing and tempting it is to want to move into a bigger diameter cylinder.

Continued success to you. You’re doing great so far.

Thanks for the encouragement PE. I’m not about to discard my 2” tube by any means. Like you, I love it for maximizing the length stretch. I want to include the 2 1/4” tube in a girth routine to help maximize gains. I’m thinking of putting a combination pump/manual routine together to try and maximize gains both ways during the same session. Do you think this kind of strategy would be a good thing?, or do you think I should work an every other day program(one day length, one day girth).


You asked:
“Do you think this kind of strategy would be a good thing?, or do you think I should work an every other day program(one day length, one day girth).”

I’ve always worked both length/girth routines in the same day and achieved both excellent length and girth results simultaneously. Presently, it’s more difficult for me to make additional length gains. I believe that this is due to the fact that I have so much more overall volume (mass) than I originally had. So there is so much more effort needed to stretch out new length gains. I’m not complaining though. It’s just my current reality.

I will probably start to emphasize predominantly stretching exercises to help accelerate length gains. But I have to admit that it’s difficult for me to stay away from girth exercises, which are my favorite to do.


PEforreal what are you doing for girth gains?

To all those pumpers out there a little secret I picked up here in England ,after stretching and jelqing take 500 mg of nicotinic acid. After approx 15 minutes you Will feel the nicotinic flush,this will dilate the corpus cavernosa along the length of the penus.Place in the vacuum pump and pump for approx half an hour .You can also take vitamin C 1000 mg and zinc picolinate,the best zinc for growth please let me know how you get on

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