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Pump use lead to permanent gain

Pump use lead to permanent gain

I’m a new member who found this site with a Google search. It’s great to see this type of information being shared among men who have experienced positive results, along with sharing some of the potential hazards that (hopefully) can be avoided.

I experimented with a pump about 10 years ago. I used it for about six months, and it contributed to a .5” to .75” increase in length, but a much more noticeable increase in girth.

In my eagerness, I made some of the common mistakes a beginner would make with a pump: using too high a pressure, maintaining pressure for too long, and not being more patient in increasing pressure and length of sessions more gradually. The downside of the over-eagerness was some bruising and discomfort, but fortunately no permanent harm.

The interesting thing is that, to my surprise, the increase in girth has for the most part never gone away. I haven’t done any PE since then, but my member stayed permanently thicker in girth ever since. Is that the experience of others?

I look forward to trying the PE routines on this site. Thank you to everyone who contributes to this place.

I don’t think your experience is a common one. I think there’s still a lot of question about the permanence of pumping gains vs other forms of PE (although some here combine pumping with manual, so its hard to draw any solid conclusions).

But its unusual that you retained the girth gains, but you didn’t mention keeping the length gains. Most guys here who’ve PE’d then took a very long break (such as years), tended to report that they lost more of their girth gains than their length gains.

Based on what I’ve read on the site today, I thought my experience might not be the norm.

After a pumping session, there would certainly be big gains in girth that would ‘deflate’ after two to four hours. But I found that after a few months, a noticeable increase in girth became permanent, most of which has stayed to this day.

Now, I might not recommend that someone do what I did then (I wouldn’t now, as it was risky: maintaining a high pressure for upwards of 30 minutes at a time for example). I would be mortified telling my wife what happened if I injured myself with a pump.

I’m looking forward to trying jelqing to see what happens.

Jelqing did wonders for me - but mostly for girth; as Life is, of course, I was mostly interested in length. But, for whatever reason, there seemed to be no end in sight for my girth gains from strong, slow dry jelqs - 100s per session, every other day. I didn’t keep those gains when I cut back; however, I went to mostly stretching - very vigorous stretching, logging many unders under load. So, it’s possible that I thinned it out somewhat by eliminating jelqs & stretching so much. Had I done both, I believe I would not have lost any girth - but you only have so much time, and the arms & hands suffered a toll from all that pulling.

I recently started to incorporate pumping into my manual routine.

goes like this

5 min warm up
5 eddging
10 min wet jelq
10 pumping
10 min jelq
10 min pumping
5 uli’s
5 min warm down

My question is regarding, the right size tube. I presently have a 1.75 tube that, is about a 1/4 inch greater than my erect girth, so I thought.

when i am in the tube my upper shaft packs the walls, the mid does not, and my base does, after about 7 min, at 5hg

My glan touches the sides, to the point that my head elongates, and i can tell there is more preasure there than other places. I have also noticed that the tube is tapered, base size is 1.75. Should I be starting with a larger tube, say 2.00, one that wouldn’t pack, at the top so easily, or should i wait till I pack the entire tube, before moving to the next size.

I believe the tube is 10’ long, if thats the case, i’ve got around 1.5-2 inches before i hit the end of the tube, is this normal. i am 7 EBPL, last time i checked, and 5.5 EG, at the head, 5.125 upper shaft, 5.0 mid shaft, and 5.25 at the base.


BPEL 7.6 x 5.4MSEG/ 5.8Base

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