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Can using only a tourniquet lead to permanent PE?

Can using only a tourniquet lead to permanent PE?

I have read that the condition of priapism can lead to permanent gains. I cant find the link now, it was on some group on yahoo, I’ll try and find it again, it was a medical site which looked believable.

Priapism is the condition of an unwanted, often painful erection which can last hours and must be “put down” by a doctor. Could holding an erection for hours have the same effect? Could having a torniquet on for many sessions a day have similar effects? How long is the maximum to keep one on, I presume 20mins.

Has anybody got gains just from a tourniquet or cock ring?

Let me start by saying I have read about the condition of which you speak. People with sickle-cell anemia have a predisposition to this condition if memory serves correctly.

IMO: You would only gain from that if you had an erection with enough pressure to stretch the tunica. It is likely possible that one could have an erection with enough pressure AND maintain it for a long enough duration to stretch the tunica if they suffered from priapism. However, even then I don’t think your chances of gaining are near as likely as with penis enlargement exercises because I do not believe it is possible to have an erection that places the tunica under the same amount of stress. I personally would advise against even attempting this as, if you are trying to emulate priapism, you would need to maintain this erection for a period of several hours to several days. Without proper circulation, red blood cells start to lose oxygen and become somewhat solidified and they start to clog the arteries on the way out of the penis. Furthermore, the people that have gained penise size because of it were probably the ones who suffered from the erections most often which means you would have to wear the tourniquet/cock ring very often. As I said, this is only my opinion based on the limited knowledge I possess about this condition, so someone with medical knowledge might be able to give you more insight.

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I agree. I think you would get more bang from your PE time by doing regular exercises - which don’t take nearly as long & are probably more effective.

Search for the “uli thing” and also look at this thread:

New ULI device… some nice benefits… Safer! Cable clamps

That is what I am using for the last 1.5 weeks as my primary PE routine. I am certain that I will get girth gains from this method, and hopefully some length as well. I would stick to 10 minute sessions, with a couple of minutes break between them.

Thanks guys, Iwould not try emulating priapisim which could leave you impotent. Just figured if it was hard a lot of the time it may stretch the cells. I read some more and most say 10 minutes max with a tourniquet or longer if it is not really tight (cockring).

I will be doing normal excersises, just wondering if any body did get gains with only a tourniquet.

I found a good way of using one (probably posted somewhere else). I have a thin rubber tube. Tie it like a shoelace (no bow) on top at the base and then feed the 2 ends under you in a seated position. By sitting on the ends you create your own strain which can be adjusted if the 2 ends pass right out the back you can sit up a bit and pull. It is a “quick release” tourniquet by simply standing up, no knots to fiddle about with. Since it isnt tied it is easier to roll down to the base if it starts to ride up the shaft. Bit of vaseline on the rubber makes it easier to tighten too.

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I had a bad experience with a stretchy cock ring (rubber band). I fell asleep with it on and got a thrombosed vein. :( That was many months ago, and while the vein still gives me some trouble, I decided to try a rigid ring.

I used a releasable zip tie and fed it, with great difficulty, through a rubber hose of a broken tire pump. Hey, might as well recycle. I’m still not satisfied with it, as the latch is exposed and gets uncomfortable after a few hours. After I post this I’m heading to the hardware store in search of a big rubber O-ring. Metal rings scare me.

Anyway, this thing measures about 1.75” inside diameter. I wore it most of yesterday and for about 4 hours so far this morning. It is sized so that it doesn’t interfere with blood flow when I’m flaccid, but if I get fluffed (and stay fluffed) it helps build some pressure. Of course, when I’m fully erect it really blows up my shaft.

I did about 5-10 minutes of squeezing and bending before attaching the ring, then every so often I work up a good erection and maintain it a while. I measured erect a few minutes ago (ring still on), and I’m almost 5 1/4” midshaft. Pretty damn good, considering my normal midshaft is 4 5/8”. Some of the increase is fluid, but not much.

I think this has potential. Hands free PE. Just get hard a few times an hour.

I’m thinking of getting a metal ring with that diameter. My girth is similar to yours. Do you think it’d be safe to wear 24/7 Hobby?

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I’m not sure about 24/7. I took it off before bed. I want to test it out a little more before sleeping with it on. Should work ok though. Probably get some excellent expansion from nocturnal erections. Does anyone know offhand approximately how long they last?

I’m back from the hardware store. The biggest rubber o-ring they had was almost the right size, but it was thin and looked like it would dig in. They only had 1.5” and 2” diameter metal rings. Damn. So I bought 12” of 1/4” clear tubing ($.19), cut it to size, and stuck the ends on a short piece of steel rod - basically the same way Tom’s Blakoe ring is held together. I put it on over my nuts, same as a metal ring. Might as well get some practice. Maybe I’ll lose my fear of metal rings. I can picture myself not being able to get one off, forcing some leather under it, and standing there with an angle grinder whirring WAY too close to my sensitive equipment. :)

Ouch Hobby! I think you may have put me off one too!


Less claustrophobic guys are probably ok using steel rings.

The metal rings I saw today had tags saying they were rated for 300 lbs. Is this necessary, or even desireable, for a cock ring? I want something easier to remove should cutting off be necessary. :)

So far, so good using my new tube ring.

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