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Puffiness on one side just below glans

Puffiness on one side just below glans

I have been trying to read about thrombosed/thrombrosed- whatever- veins and I am not sure if I have this. At first I thought maybe a partial donut effect but now I don’t know.

I have just started the newbie routine with jelqs and stretches. After the second time I was swollen just below the head on the right side. The skin was very soft and fluffy and the swelling was unnoticeable with an erection. Looked to me like a “partial” donut effect- plus I have had this before- usually both sides or all around my circumcision scar- after an intense/dry j/o session. I used to get a little too rough with the fella when I was in college so as not to get caught by my roommate. Anyway, I thought that is what I have now but only on one side. I waited a about 2 days, usually went away after a couple of hours before, and I still was swollen- no discomfort though. Did my routine for two days and the swelling stayed but did not get worse. So I am feeling this soft swollen mass of skin and feel the “guitar chord” inside and I can move it around- somewhat uncomfortable and kind of queezie feeling. Also, after stretching- which I do whenever I am in the bathroom- I have minimal twinges of discomfort in that area.

Now- if this is a thrombro… whatever…. vein then how do I massage this thing because lately I have been so horny that if I just touch my rod more than a few minutes I am poking through my pants in no time.

Sorry for the wordiness in this post- sometimes it is easy to get carried away with descriptions and stories.

P.S. how do I get those smilies in my messages?

What is the “guitar string” like line that I feel inside it? :confused:


You have all the time in the world. Follow Thunder’s advice and leave it alone until it subsides. Maybe you could just focus on hot wraps (as therapy) and I don’t think doing kegels would hurt. Focus on some other aspect of PE until it’s completely gone. Like any other part of your body, if you keep irritating it, it’s not going to go away.

You are really “gung ho,” so you’ll have ample time to make those gains down the road.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


Okay- Thanks guys- (spoken in a disappointed but understanding voice with a hint of whining)

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