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Grow one side of the penis at a time

Grow one side of the penis at a time

My right side is larger than my left and always has been. This causes it to bend to the left a little and I think that doing PE is increasing the right sides size more than the left and it is bending ever-so-slightly more, like the right side is bulging up more than the left after workouts and when flaccid it hangs to the left a pinch etc… So I am asking if anyone knows of anything out there that can concentrate only on one side and not the other or just more on one side. I also have a downward bend so if anyone has any advice on that I would appreciate it! thanks!


I too, have a “leaner”. Except mine leans to the right, is this from carrying on that side or from being right handed? I’m interested to hear from the vets here, regarding corrective excercises for those of us who need an “alignment”. I’ve been lurking around here for a few weeks, just started my PE program a few weeks ago. I have a light hang program followed by moderate PJ workouts. From all that I have read, moderation is the key to success. Even after 4 days, my buddy seems healthier. And my libido has increased. So, we’ll see how it goe’s from here on out.

Looking forward to responses, to joe seven’s ???’s

And thanks to all that post here, great forum!

Hey joe and welcome tryn4more!

Some guys have reported that jelqing against the bend tends to even things up a bit. Results are not spectacular but are noticeable and do vary from person to person. After you have been doing this for a few of months you may be able to try it erect. Use great caution! Erect exercises are not for newbies as they are very potent and the risk of injury is greatly increased. As with all exercises, start off slowly and carefully being sure to monitor the situation so that you don’t injure yourself. It will take time so don’t rush it - you won’t get there any faster if you rush it but you will increase your risk of injury. And if it hurts, don’t do it! Be aware that it will take time. :)

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to tryn4more

i am also right handed so thats probably not the case. I have come up with some ideas for correcting the leans or bends or whatever you wanna call them…

-jelq in opposite direction
-do a squeeze in your case with your left hand at the base so the index finger cuts off the right side of the CC’s blood flow and the palm is on the left side of the shaft at the base. Then take the right hand and come around the left side so the palm is on the left side and the thumb is on the top and yout index finger is on the right side of the shaft or just something to cut of the right side cc at the top if there is something easier you find and then bend in the opposite direction of the “lean” and squeeze for 30 seconds and do as many as you can handle. You should barely feel it in the left side and should get that really high pressure feeling in the right especially if you bend while squeezing.

If anyone has any other suggestions they are far more than welcome. Good luck tryn4more and hope this helps.

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